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How to arrange furniture in the bedroom: 4 principles that will make it easier to choose furniture

The bedroom is a place conducive to relaxation, in which we recover after a hard day’s work. Furnishing in this room requires a special approach, especially if we have a small space.

Depending on the area of ​​​​the bedroom and its layout, the problem of organic placement of furniture products often arises. Today we will tell you how to properly arrange the furniture in the bedroom in order to ensure maximum comfort and organize a functional space, as well as highlight the basic rules that will make it easier to choose furniture.

1. Every meter counts: how to arrange furniture in a small bedroom
Even if the room is small, to create a harmonious interior design, you need to arrange the basic set of furniture that you will use:

Niches or cabinets: coupe, built-in, corner, classic – the design depends on the area;
how to arrange bedroom furniture

So what is the best way to arrange furniture in the bedroom? There are principles that will help make the layout comfortable, practical and aesthetic:

The organization of furniture depends on the functions it serves, and then on aesthetics. An important aspect: carry out the arrangement in accordance with your usual lifestyle.
Do not overload the space with furniture – there should be room for movement in it.
Keep the balance of proportions – it doesn’t matter if you prefer symmetry, asymmetry or a circular arrangement. Opposite a large object, place 2 small ones that will visually create a proper counterweight. The same rule should be applied when choosing a color palette and texture of materials.
Zoning is the fundamental principle of harmonious arrangement. Divide zones according to function, while maintaining the integrity of the room.
What furniture is suitable for placement in a 16m2 bedroom?
The room with an area of ​​16 m2 is a spacious room for arranging a comfortable interior. Here you can implement different functional areas: create a boudoir or allocate a place for reading in the form of an armchair with a floor lamp.

A layout with such an area will allow, in addition to the bed, to place a dressing table, wardrobes for a dressing room here.

There is also enough space for arranging a full-fledged bedroom set. The set can be supplemented with elegant textiles to create a cozy atmosphere.

How best to arrange the furniture in the bedroom 12 m2
Rest rooms in new buildings are designed for a space of 3 by 4 m. The architectural features of the room and the number of people affect the optimal arrangement.

A single seating area will fit into the corner of the room, and other necessary pieces of furniture can be placed on the rest of the area.

It is better to place a double bed against one of the walls, and on both sides of the bed – cabinets. Free space at the door can be occupied by a small built-in wardrobe.

If you need a workplace here, you should choose a small model of a transforming table that will create a functional space and take up a minimum of space.

What furniture is suitable for placement in a bedroom of 9 m2?
In small apartments, a rest room is allocated from 9 m2. The area here is catastrophically small, so the standard kit will not fit. With the help of the following tips, you can arrange furniture without losing the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

In addition to the bed, it is more profitable to place modular furniture here – cabinets, a chest of drawers or a small but tall wardrobe.

Allocate storage space due to unused space. A good option would be to create a bed on the podium to provide space in the form of niches for linen and other things.

Transformer products will be a good solution that will provide functional space even in a small room.

2. Narrow rest room: how to organize space in Khrushchev?
narrow bedroom furniture

Khrushchev vests are a common type of housing in Ukraine, and the rest rooms in them are often not wide.

Here it is better to arrange the bed at a right angle relative to the long wall in order to smooth out the flaws of the room. It is important to leave space to the wall at least 70 cm for moving.

No need to arrange furniture along the length of the walls. A good idea would be to place a closet in the corner or in the back of the room, which will shorten it in length, and a mirror or photo coating will visually enlarge the room.

It is also better to use rounded shapes, which will add volume.

3. How to arrange furniture in a rectangular bedroom?
square bedroom furniture

In new houses or spacious new buildings, you can find rectangular rest rooms. The bed is best placed near a short wall to ensure free movement.

To arrange a storage system along a short wall, you can arrange modular cabinets. You should not arrange bulky furniture along long walls, as such furniture will “stretch” the room and emphasize unbalanced geometry.

4. How to arrange furniture in a bedroom with a crib?
bedroom furniture with crib

Parents should have free access to the child’s bed.

How to arrange furniture in the bedroom: 4 principles that will make it easier to choose furniture
The bedroom is a place conducive to relaxation, in which we recover after a hard day's work. Furnishing in this room requires a special approach, especially if we have a…


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