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Music stand

The variety of modern furniture is so wide that even the most sophisticated esthete will be perplexed and delighted with what unusual and non-standard furniture elements modern representatives of the furniture design workshop can come up with.

The world has already seen “smart tables”, which were controlled using a smartphone application, and which were able to intelligently adapt to a person. Surely you have heard about desktops that will “take care” of your pet’s cheerful mood. The world has also seen many multifunctional pieces of furniture and more.

But the furniture that will be discussed in this article is truly an innovation in both technological developments and furniture design. It strikes with its unusualness, and at the same time visual simplicity.

We are talking about a cabinet, which is equipped with a built-in Hi-Fi system, the most modern sample. In a word, such a furniture element will appeal to all those who want to get a stylish and unusual piece of furniture in their interior, and also love to listen to music and appreciate high-quality sound.

Music stand by Paolo Capello.

nightstandItalian designer Paolo Capello has always dreamed of creating furniture that would have an iconic, exclusive distinctive feature that would be a real highlight. And gradually he created his “masterpiece”, which he gave the name Caruso, which was produced by the Venetian factory Miniforms.
The basis of the concept of the pedestal was a loudspeaker resembling a horn, which was used to equip gramophones in the old days – a kind of “antique” detail in modern furniture.

The gramophone has become the only detail that appeals to antiquity; otherwise, this furniture is an example of modernity.

The cabinet is equipped with the most modern Hi-Fi system, which is controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet computer. The system produces high-quality sound, even at maximum volume there is no noise or excessive vibration.

This item is an excellent example of ergonomics, in which both furniture and an audio system are combined. Many people dream of such an interior item.

The Caruso cabinet is a full-fledged piece of furniture that can be used for its intended purpose – for storing things, it is very roomy.

The speaker itself has a very compact size and does not affect the capacity of the cabinet.

This furniture element can be decorated in completely different variations, it is offered in lacquered finish:

silky gray;
dusty gray;
and blue;


And also in wood-like design variations: oak or walnut.

The speaker is ceramic and can be made in the following colors: red, yellow, pink, green, white or anthracite. There is also a so-called limited edition – a mouthpiece, which is covered with 24 carat gold plating.

Here is a masterpiece presented to the world by the Italian designer Paolo Capello. Such furniture quickly gained admirers around the world and became an example to follow. Many furniture factories are now equipping them with modern Hi-Fi systems that allow you to play music from your smartphone or tablet.

Probably no one will be surprised when in a few years almost all furniture elements will be equipped with modern digital technologies, and why not, because it is practical and convenient, and it is also an opportunity to save space, since you do not need to look for where to install the speaker system, it is already will be embedded.

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