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Choice of color for kitchen furniture.

The kitchen has long ceased to be just a place for cooking, now it is a full-fledged part of the house where the interior should be equipped. Of course, the main parameters for furniture in the kitchen are: practicality, functionality and durability. But do not forget about the appearance.

The interior creates a mood, so you should pay special attention to the appearance of kitchen furniture. The appearance of kitchen furniture includes: the style in which it is made, the texture of the material and color.

It is about the right choice of color for kitchen sets and will be discussed further.

How to choose the right color for kitchen furniture.

buy a kitchen Choosing a color is a responsible step, because you choose not just a shade, you choose the mood that you will get in the kitchen for more than one year.

When choosing a color for the kitchen, you need to build on the style of furniture design, as well as the level of lighting in this part of the house. Designers recommend using dark colors if there is enough natural lighting, otherwise, if there is not enough natural set, then headsets in light colors that can be equipped with additional lighting will look great;

For kitchens made in a classic style, the most suitable color for the furniture will be “under the tree”, as this is the most popular option, and it fits perfectly under the concept of “classic”. Also, the color “under the tree” is perfect for the “Country” style.
If the interior is made in high-tech style, or in any other modern style, then light or just white headsets are suitable here, they will give lightness and help smooth out the corners;

You need to listen to the rules of interior design, which can be applied to absolutely all rooms. If the walls have a dark color, then the kitchen furniture should be chosen in a light color, and vice versa, a dark set will look better against the background of light walls.

Light kitchen furniture is also very appropriate to use in small rooms, because they will help to visually expand the space. Kitchens of bright colors in small rooms will negatively affect vision, therefore, in order to make the room more comfortable, it is recommended to use warmer colors;

In rooms where there is good lighting, shades of yellow, such as red copper and sunny gloss, look great. For lovers of red, it is advised to use the following shades: coral, tomato or cherry, that is, calmer shades of red.
Violet color will have an excellent calming effect, green color of warmer shades will cheer you up and will have a positive effect on appetite.

The blue color will fit perfectly into a bright and sunny room. Mahogany color goes well with glass and metal surfaces and looks very elegant. As for black, it is best to dilute it with other colors, otherwise it will look gloomy.

A mix of colors and shades is a great option for the kitchen.

kitchenChoosing sets made in several colors, you will get an excellent, win-win interior option. It will be more dynamic and fresh.

White color is best combined with shades of blue and peach. Violet color can be perfectly combined with an ocher or olive hue.
To create a cheerful atmosphere in the kitchen, you can combine green and yellow, and for freshness – pistachio with beige.

The color of the furniture is the basis of the atmosphere and mood, so choose only the most suitable shades and create the best and “positive” interior in the kitchen.


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