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The best materials for kitchen countertops.

A very important component for the kitchen is furniture, or rather its quality, because the service life and appearance will depend on it. It is already an axiom that it is necessary to choose only the highest quality materials for kitchen furniture.

In this article, we will talk about an important part of kitchen furniture, the countertop. Consider all possible materials for its manufacture, as well as analyze the pros and cons of each of them.

Tabletops can be made of: wood, laminated chipboard, artificial stone, steel, stele or natural stone. Each of these materials has a different cost, boasts its own advantages and disadvantages.

Also, the choice of material for the countertop depends on the style in which all kitchen furniture is made.

Kitchens with wooden countertops.

This is the most familiar, one might say classic material for countertops. It will fit perfectly into almost all styles of furniture and interior design.

For its manufacture, typesetting boards from hardwoods are mainly used, plates are made from them, which are glued and carefully polished.

In order to protect the countertop from adverse factors, and in order to give it strength, it is treated with special oils. It becomes moisture resistant and resistant to temperatures.

The main advantage of a wooden countertop is that it will be environmentally friendly, and this is very important for the kitchen. It will give the furniture a great, stylish look.

In order to increase the service life of wood countertops, it is recommended to use special protective agents.

Kitchen furniture with laminated chipboard top.

At the moment, such material is the most popular and widespread. These countertops are very easy to manufacture and have the most affordable price on the market.

A laminated chipboard tabletop can be given any color, which is a big plus, and it can also be imitated by almost any material.

This material is completely resistant to ultraviolet rays, it does not fade. A chipboard tabletop will serve reliably for a long time.

But, you should make sure that water does not get into the seams on the countertop, otherwise it may swell and lose its “aesthetic” appearance.

Tabletop made of acrylic plastic.

kitchenAcrylic plastic, or as it is also commonly called “artificial stone”, is a very popular material in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. This is a very practical and affordable material.

Absolutely any surface can be configured from such a material, and outwardly it is very similar to natural stone. Acrylic plastic surface is durable, reliable and moisture resistant.

But you should be careful with hot objects. Putting them on a countertop without a stand is undesirable, because it can ruin it, leaving traces.

But in the end, this material is durable, financially profitable and looks very beautiful and stylish.

Countertop made of natural stone: granite, basalt and marble.

Natural stone, of course, will be much more expensive in price, and the furniture must also be durable in order to withstand the considerable weight of the countertop.

kitchen furnitureThis countertop is made of granite or basalt slabs, the thickness of which should not exceed 3 cm. In order to be able to install household appliances, special holes can be made.

This material boasts enviable strength, durability and excellent appearance. The main disadvantage is, of course, the price. For such pleasure you have to pay extra. And not only the countertop itself will require additional payments, but also the furniture itself, since it weighs a lot, additional, reinforced fasteners will be needed.

Marble is processed in a very simple way, so almost any countertop can be made from this stone.

Marble is classified as a stone of medium hardness, and it can be vulnerable to mechanical damage, and is also “afraid” of the effects of acids.

But such a surface is “fearless” to moisture, temperatures and fire.

Steel table.

Recently, metal elements in the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. This applies in particular to countertops.

The vast majority of countertops for professional kitchens are made of steel, and this is due to durability, ease of use and maintenance.

Such countertops are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes, or exposure to acids.

Table tops made of glass.
kitchen furnitureThis solution will be modern and stylish, because many designers choose this material. The glass goes through a “tempering” process to resist damage and moisture.

However, such material requires more careful use and careful maintenance to avoid scratches, stains and plaque.

All materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but each of them will be very appropriate in the kitchen. When choosing, you should be guided by your wishes for design, as well as the amount of money available.

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