Chipboard furniture care
Proper care will ensure the longevity of any furniture, even inexpensive ones made of chipboard. This material is widely popular due to its availability, versatility and strength. Nowadays, it is…

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Chipboard furniture care
Proper care will ensure the longevity of any furniture, even inexpensive ones made of chipboard. This material is widely popular due to its availability, versatility and strength. Nowadays, it is…


Restoration of a chest of drawers from chipboard with your own hands
A chest of drawers made of chipboard today is a modern solution in interior furnishing, which is found in many homes and offices. Due to the budget cost, practicality and…

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Which bed is better: metal or wood?

A place to sleep is a special piece of furniture, the choice of which must be given close attention. After all, the question is – which bed is better metal or wooden? – this is not only a problem of aesthetics and style of the interior. First of all, it is a matter of healthy sleep and good rest.

In this article, we will try to help you decide by noting the positive and negative points of wooden and metal models. And the final choice depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Metal bed: what are its advantages and are there any disadvantages?
Elderly people are familiar with the same type of dull models with an iron frame, installed in almost every Soviet house. Therefore, it is quite difficult to convince them that a metal bed can be a very stylish element and turn a bedroom into an elegant, ultra-modern room. Therefore, this section of the article is intended more for a younger and more creatively thinking generation.

metal bed

Furniture made of metal is an ideal model for modern interiors. In the loft style, it is difficult to imagine bedroom furniture made of another material: wood, chipboard or MDF. It will look great in high-tech, techno or modern styles. Manufacturers of metal models try to “tie” them to other interior styles, making ornate headboard patterns or decorating them with wooden elements. The color palette of metal models is incredibly diverse – from muted pastels or classic white, black and gray to rich acid colors. Therefore, you can choose furniture that is also in harmony with other styles:

Structurally, there are all possible options:

one and a half,
bed with iron frame

What are the technical and operational advantages of metal beds?
Modern furniture is made of durable, flexible and fairly light metal alloys that are resistant to the negative effects of the environment. As a result, the integrity of the product is maintained for the entire period of its operation.

There are a lot of advantages of metal furniture:

ease of transportation;
affordable cost;
light weight;
the ability to withstand heavy loads – up to 300 kg per bed;
high wear resistance;
ease of care.
copy of metal

Cons of metal beds
hardness and coldness of the material;
moisture sensitivity. When choosing a model, you need to pay attention to the quality of processing of the product;
a design flaw is that there are few copies equipped with drawers, which makes the choice limited for small apartments.
Many parents do not want to purchase a metal bed for the nursery, fearing that a small child may be injured on the hard material. These fears are groundless, since modern models are quite “streamlined”, do not have sharp corners, and a durable metal frame can withstand the games of even a very active child.

Features of a wooden bed
A wooden bed is a “classic of the genre”, because it turns even the most ordinary bedroom into a luxurious room. But in addition to high aesthetic characteristics, wooden furniture has high technical and operational characteristics:

environmental safety,
high wear resistance.
slab model

Due to the ease of material handling, the market offers a variety of designs, including models with a lifting mechanism or drawers. However, wooden furniture is quite “capricious” in terms of care, does not like high humidity, significant temperature changes and direct sunlight.

Its disadvantages include

appreciable weight;
unpleasant creaking when assembled incorrectly;
high cost.
In order not to make a mistake with the purchase, before choosing a specific model, you need to familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics of various types of wood.

What is the difference between solid wood beds?
wooden bed Dinara

Wooden beds have a common fundamental characteristic – it is a natural base material. However, there are significant differences in the performance characteristics of different types of wood, therefore, the criteria for furniture will differ depending on the array from which it is made. Experts distinguish between two types of wood species:

soft (alder, linden, birch, poplar, pine);
solid (oak, ash, cedar, beech).
The first is a more budget option. Soft rocks require more careful maintenance, are prone to chipping during aggressive use and deformation during rough transportation or movement. However, with proper care, they will retain their performance characteristics and decent appearance for many years.

Hardwood models are extremely wear-resistant and durable, highly resistant to external stimuli. They look very noble and respectable.

Which model to choose?
The question is rhetorical, since it all depends on the personal preferences of the buyer.

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