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DIY soft headboard

Of the many pieces of furniture in the bedroom, the bed is the centerpiece that sets the style of the room. We spend almost a third of our lives in a dream, so it is important to rationally approach the choice of the quality of a bed, its decor and comfortable design.

A soft handmade headboard will become a bright accent in the interior of the bedroom, making it cozy and functional.

Do-it-yourself upholstered headboard for a bed – a way to create a unique interior
The soft back with an unusual decor refreshes the interior, creates a feeling of comfort and security due to its design.

It can be bought in the store, as an integral system to the bed, or separately. Many also decorate the upholstered headboard with their own hands – this is a more economical option for embodying your ideas, it will also create a creative unique interior in which you will enjoy spending time.

There are many techniques for decorating upholstered furniture backs. The result depends on your imagination and the variety of materials at hand. It can be done:

Method “carriage coupler” (capitonné)
Decorated with soft pillows
Soft tile
Coarse viscous
From pom-poms
We will consider their features below.

pillow headboard

How to attach a soft headboard to a bed
Depending on the method of fastening, soft headboards are:

Each of the ways to decorate soft headboards has its own nuances that should be considered.

hanging headboard

For example, a do-it-yourself hanging upholstered headboard has one drawback: during the rearrangement, you need to drill new holes in the wall for fastening. But it is mobile and can be easily removed for cleaning.

This product is not only a beautiful object of decor, but has a functional purpose. The fastener to which it is attached can serve as a convenient shelf for books or other oversized items.

Add-on upholstered headboards are modular furniture elements that visually combine it into a whole structure. They do not need to be mounted on the wall, and therefore they are more mobile.

Stationary models are an integral part of the bed, they cannot be detached from the bed. With the help of decor, they are modified and made more comfortable to use.

How to make a headboard upholstered
There are several ways to accomplish this task.

For example, make reversible soft headboards that are attached with strings directly to the furniture. If necessary, they are easily removed and create a backrest that you can lean on when reading in bed.

The graceful capitonné method
You will need:

Shield (plywood) for the base
Good fabric (with an allowance of 20 cm)
Foam rubber
Eyelet buttons covered with fabric
Drill, knife
Furniture stapler, glue
self-tapping screws
The carriage tie method looks good in the execution of expensive material (for example, velvet fabric or suede), and the tie itself is created in the form of rectangles. Plywood, foam rubber are taken as the basis, a synthetic winterizer is laid between the foam rubber and the fabric. Rivets can be buttons covered with fabric material.


carriage tie method

Soft tile back decoration
This is an economical and unusual way of decorating. It is created from pieces of simple fabric and foam rubber. Similar to the previous method, plywood or cardboard serves as the basis here.

We cut out squares from plywood, glue foam rubber of the same size to it and cover it with batting (making an allowance). We cover it with fabric on top, fixing it on the back side with a stapler.

We collect the pattern from the squares on the base and attach to the furniture.

In addition to the methods described above, you can use the method without a screed, or decorate it with pillows to match the elements of the bed, or pompoms, as shown in the photos below.

how to decorate a headboard with pom poms

Beds with upholstered headboards – an exquisite basis for comfort
Sleeping furniture with a soft headboard is associated with relaxation. Furniture factory Flashnika produces high-quality, functional and stylish furniture at the best prices.

Our catalog contains different models, with a wide overall grid and color palette. Here you can find:

The trim is made of a material that is resistant to deformation, with a property that will prevent your pets from leaving marks on the upholstery. It is not whimsical in care, pollution can be cleaned with a mild soapy solution. The beds are multifunctional due to the fact that most models are equipped with a lifting mechanism and create an additional niche for bedding.

When choosing the material of the product, check all its features with the company manager. If you need furniture with non-standard dimensions, here you have the opportunity to create an individual order according to the specified parameters.

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