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How to update an old desk

Surely everyone in the house has an old table-book, passing from generation to generation, without which not a single holiday can do.

Often old, but favorite pieces of furniture look completely unattractive and need to be updated and redecorated. Or their appearance is already fed up, and you want to update the interior.

It happens that the book table breaks down, but there is not enough money for a new one – then it needs to be restored or decorated. To update your favorite table and breathe new life into it, there are many tricks.

How to update the table book
First of all, determine how badly the book table is damaged. If the lacquer is slightly worn out and the task is just decoration and redesign, then with the question “how to update the table book?” Decoupage of the table will do just fine. If damage is already visible on the coating or parts need to be updated, the table needs to be restored.

There are many ways to upgrade furniture products that will help decorate them at home. The main update methods are:

Painting. If the damage is small and you need to update the appearance, it will be enough to process with sandpaper and paint.
Decorate. Usually this method is used after painting the table to update it and decorate it. The most popular decor methods include decoupage, photo printing, patterning and the use of film.
Restore. If the surface is damaged and the parts are already worn out, it is worth restoring – that is, resorting to a more serious repair or perhaps updating the elements of the table.
Let’s take a closer look at the ways that will help update the table, on what materials it is better to use them and what nuances need to be taken into account.

The kitchen table must be decorated with care and eco-friendly materials, because we interact with it during cooking and eating. This also applies to children’s furniture – it is important to decorate with hypoallergenic materials with an E1 environmental safety level.

Restoring a glass table is labor-intensive, it all depends on the damage. Since not all glass deformations can be removed by grinding.

Minor flaws on plastic tables are eliminated by painting. But this material is delicate, so it is impossible to restore using methods such as temperature bonding, as the table may not withstand.

On coffee tables made of laminated chipboard, damage appears over time that looks sloppy. Adhesive films can be used to decorate such surfaces.

To update the design, a wooden book table is an ideal option for embodying all your ideas. This material perfectly combines various techniques that allow you to decorate furniture, including updating by applying patterns and decoupage.

How to restore a book table
For the restoration of a wooden folding table model, we need certain auxiliary materials. Another important point will be the compilation of an algorithm for updating the table design.

First you need to disassemble the book table, since it will be difficult to decorate it in the assembled state.

Next, you need to inspect for damage. If the scratches are shallow, it is important to clean the furniture and level it with sanding. You can use sandpaper or grinding tools. An important aspect of restoration is that it is necessary to process the book table along the fibers in order to avoid damage to the table top.

In case of deep scratches, they can be eliminated with a special wood putty. If the damage is not deep, it can be restored with stain, and then apply a protective layer of any varnish on the table book.

After you have put putty on the book table, you need to prime the surface of the furniture product (this will degrease the countertop). Then you should wait for complete drying (preferably a day) and re-sand.

After carrying out all these procedures, you can begin to paint and decorate the table with a book.

To update the table book, we may need the following tools and materials:

Sander and/or sandpaper
Paint intended for the material of the restored table and acrylic – for creating patterns
Wood primer, varnish
Hammer, screws
Glue, stain
Masking tape, goggles
Decoration materials (we’ll talk about them later).

Looks like new: how to decorate a table book
In order to update your interior, it is not at all necessary to replace the furniture, you can decorate it beautifully.

To update and not overpay a tidy sum to specialists, you can change the appearance of the book table with your own hands. Plus, it’s very exciting, it’s only important to decide on the type of decoration that everyone can do:

Mosaic or tile
Painting with a pattern
Self-adhesive film
The decoupage technique should be used after the book table is painted and varnished. On the file we lay out a napkin with a bright pattern to the bottom, after which we spray it with water from a spray bottle.

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