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How to repaint a chest of drawers from chipboard: a second life for old furniture at home

It often happens that old furniture has already lost its former gloss, but is still usable. With wood furniture, everything is obvious – it is easier to update and repaint.

But what if the chest of drawers is made of chipboard? This material is more fragile during processing, in which case it is necessary to take into account various nuances when restoring a furniture product. After all, non-compliance with the technology of painting can irrevocably spoil your furniture.

How to update a chest of drawers from chipboard: choose materials
In order for the new coating to lay flat and adhere well to the surface, it is important to carefully consider the choice of tools and materials.

The choice of materials will also depend on how you conceived the future design of the product. For example, would you like to simply cover the furniture with paint, or apply a more complex decoration: artificially age the surface, decorate it with decorative elements by gilding, decoupage, carving, stucco molding.

How to paint a chest of drawers from chipboard? First of all, you will need the following tools and materials:

Solvent (for acrylic paints – water);
Alkyd-based adhesive primer;
Alkyd paint for furniture or water-soluble acrylic;
To calculate the amount of paint, you need to calculate the surface area for painting and multiply it by the number of layers, then divide the value by the average consumption (indicated on the package).

What paint is better to choose for painting chipboard at home? For painting chipboard, enamel paints are used, we recommend using acrylic spray paints, because:

Acrylic compositions are represented by a wide palette of shades and paints with special effects;
They are easy to apply, creates an even coating;
The paint is non-toxic and dries quickly;
Possess excellent indicators of adhesion;
Differ in durability, at observance of technology of drawing.
Required tools:

Roller with short pile and brushes;
Paint tray;
masking tape;
Covering polyethylene film;
Sandpaper for grinding, grit approximately P240;
Lint-free wipes and rags;
Screwdriver or screwdriver;
Self-tapping screws, fittings, stencils;
how to paint a chest of drawers from chipboard with your own hands

Repaint a chest of drawers from chipboard with your own hands: key stages of preparation
The process of high-quality furniture painting has many nuances, so it is important to complete a number of preparatory work before you start painting a chest of drawers.

Step #1. Workplace preparation
It is necessary to cover the work surface with a film and fix it around the edges with masking tape. It is also important to observe safety precautions during the work process and ensure good ventilation.

Before using new brushes and rollers, they must first be washed and dried to prevent lint from entering the working area.

Step #2. Dismantling of the facade and other elements
For convenience, you need to disassemble the chest of drawers, remove the doors, remove the drawers and unwind the fittings. This procedure will allow you to apply paint more efficiently and evenly, avoiding unpainted elements and areas at the joints of the product.

Step #3. Let’s start preparing the surface for painting
If the old paintwork peels off, peeled off in some areas, you can remove it completely. For this you can:

use special washes, strictly in accordance with the instructions;
or heat the layer with a building hair dryer and clean it mechanically – using a grinder or sandpaper.
If the LC coating holds well, you need to sand the surface a little in a circular motion with fine-grained sandpaper before painting to level it and improve adhesion.

Then you can proceed to finalize the design, if necessary, for example, screw on new legs or upgrade the chest of drawers with additional elements.

How to paint a chest of drawers from chipboard: staining technology
After preparation, it is necessary to proceed to “Step No. 4” – cleaning and degreasing the surface.

It is important to thoroughly clean the work surface from dirt, for this you can use a soapy solution and a cotton rag. After drying, we go through a degreaser, for example, white spirit.

Step number 5. alignment
Over a long period of operation, the surface may become covered with small scratches and chips.

Such defects will be especially noticeable after painting, so they must be puttied with acrylic putty. After you need to let it dry and smooth with fine-grained sandpaper. Dust after this procedure must be removed again.

Step number 6. Getting to the primer
For a professional result, do not neglect such a stage as priming. It is the primer that increases the adhesion of the paint and the surface, minimizes paint consumption, and if you want to change the dark shade to a light one, the primer treatment helps to cover it better.

The number of primer coats depends on the absorbency of the material, 1-2 coats may be necessary. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the type of primer must match the type of paint.

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