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Choosing a table for the kitchen

Choosing a table for the kitchen is not as straightforward a task as it seems at first. Its functions may vary depending on whether there is a dining room in the house / apartment, what size the dining room itself is, how large the working surface of the kitchen unit is. It is advisable to consider two diverse options that dictate our realities:

apartments in high-rise buildings of an old building with rooms of a minimum area and a kitchen of 2.5 – 3 square meters, where a living room is used to receive guests;
modern houses / apartments with a large-scale kitchen, often combined with a dining room. Due to the sufficient area of ​​​​the working surface, the kitchen table is used here exclusively as a dining table.

Table for a tiny kitchen
In this situation, the fundamental point when choosing furniture for the kitchen is its size. The functional characteristics of the kitchen set, as well as the table, their performance data fade into the background compared to the dimensions.

Therefore, until recently, the requirements for the material for the manufacture of the table and its design were minimal. But recently, kitchen cabinet tables and transforming tables have appeared on the market, which are ideal for small spaces. Regardless of the design solution, they have an additional countertop.

These can be both folding models, and those in which the “spare” countertop rolls out or rises.

Here, both its design and the quality of the material from which it is made are important. There is only one problem in this case – its significant cost (in comparison with the price of a budget kitchen table, it is noticeable).

Regarding the classic kitchen table, located in a small kitchen, the requirements for its characteristics are dictated by the versatility of its use: it serves both as a work surface for cooking, and directly as a dining table.

Therefore, the main requirement (except for suitable dimensions) is its strength and resistance of the countertop to mechanical stress, thermal and chemical effects. The absence of sharp corners is highly desirable, since it is easy to injure yourself in a small room.

What is the best material for a dining table top?
Plastic. The tabletop is inert to food and moisture, but susceptible to abrasive cleaners and high temperatures.
Wood. Solid wood species are sufficiently resistant to mechanical and thermal stress. However, over time, the wood cracks, and dirt accumulates in its cracks.
Metal. The most resistant countertop with an almost unlimited service life. Organically perceived only in the kitchen, decorated in high-tech style. The disadvantages include the high cost.
Glass. Visually a very good option for a small room. However, the operational glass table has many limitations that are not acceptable for a kitchen table; point impacts and temperature drops are unacceptable.
Laminated chipboard. It has high technical and operational characteristics, is quite affordable and diverse in color and texture.
These characteristics are universal and do not affect the choice of a table in terms of the scale of the kitchen.
Large kitchen table
Since there are no restrictions regarding the dimensions of the table in this case, the main criterion is the quality of its manufacture and compliance with the overall design concept. An important point is also the maximum number of people who will comfortably sit behind it. It is most reasonable to choose based on the number of family members + 2-3 people. It must be remembered that the comfort zone at the dining table of one person is about 70 cm.

It is reasonable to divide a large-scale kitchen-dining room into working and dining areas, which differ not only in terms of their functionality, but also in terms of design. For the kitchen-dining room, zoning is most acceptable with:

multi-level ceiling;
various floor coverings. If laminate or parquet is acceptable in the dining area, then it is more practical to put linoleum or tile in the working area;
light scenario. Different areas are illuminated with different light sources. If in the dining area they additionally play a decorative role, then in the working area they play an extremely pragmatic role;
different color solution.
The central attribute of the dining area is the table. In this context, it can serve as a bright accent around which the entire design concept will be built. Therefore, the aesthetic characteristics of the dining table for a large kitchen is extremely important. Its shape and material of manufacture determines the general orientation of the interior of this room. Depending on the idea, it can be conceptually one with the entire kitchen set of the working area, or it can be emphatically discordant with it. Square or rectangular tables fit logically into a classic interior.

Round and oval kitchen tables make it possible to fantasize more about the style of the dining area.

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