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What is skinali?

Skinali – an original accent in interior design

Relatively recently, a new word “skinali” has come into our everyday life, denoting several areas of decor and design of furniture or premises at once. Let’s jointly understand such a voluminous concept, and answer the question – what is skinali?

Skinali are glass decorative panels with a pattern printed on them. But their application is quite diverse.

It could be:

decorating the apron area (working area) in the kitchen,
Wall panel,
filling in wardrobe doors,
insertion into any element of cabinet furniture.

Based on a fairly wide range of their application, domestic craftsmen expanded the list of materials used for the manufacture of skinali, including not only glass, but also:

a natural stone
Skinali as a bright element of kitchen decoration

This product looks extremely successful in any use case, but it looks most advantageous in the kitchen due to the pattern applied to it. Thanks to the unlimited choice of patterns, you can choose exactly the image that will become a highlight in the interior of your kitchen, make it exclusive. It can be either a full-color image with a bright plot, or an elegant monochrome picture.

skinali photo

The pattern is applied to the wrong side of the skinali in one of several ways.

Photo printing. Due to the fact that with this method the smallest details of the image are clearly visible, it looks extremely realistic and voluminous. As a result, the space visually expands, the kitchen is filled with light and air.

Tip: the choice of basic colors should be based on the color scheme in which the interior of the kitchen is designed. White skinali with a large image of coffee beans, berries or fruits are desirable in small kitchens. Stylized monochrome images of cities or exotic plants are ideally combined with light-colored furniture and are suitable for large spaces.
stereo printing. This deposition method is preferred for 3D images with maximum depth and volume.

Tip: the drawing for application must be selected with a high resolution and very high quality.

Printing on adhesive film. The most budgetary option due to the ease of application and low cost of materials. The film can be transparent, matte or embossed.

Tip: keep an eye on the fit of the apron to the wall, as exposure to moisture and steam will discolor the pattern and peel off the film.

Let’s analyze the features of all materials used for the manufacture of skinali, consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The most classic version of the manufacture of this product. Being a beautiful material, tempered glass is also characterized by durability. It is practical, unpretentious in care, resistant to high temperatures, high humidity, scratches. Glass is easy to install and is seamless. The only drawback of this material is the high cost.

Tip: glass with a dark glossy surface must be regularly cleaned of water drops so that traces of salts dissolved in tap water do not violate the overall aesthetics.

Natural stone.
It looks very elegant in harmony with the table top made of the same material. It is extremely durable, environmentally friendly material, easy to clean. It is resistant to scratches, high temperatures; there are no seams.

The downside is the real prospect of the appearance of microcracks over time, as well as a very significant price.

Despite the fact that wood is one of the most common materials used in the kitchen, its application is not so clear. The advantages include environmental friendliness and aesthetics. If the interior of the kitchen is made in country style, then it is difficult to find an alternative to wood.

However, there are many negative points. Skinali for the kitchen made of wood absorb odors and moisture, which quickly destroys the product. Therefore, a protective coating is required, which must be renewed annually. As a result, the manufacture of skinali from wood will result in a very tangible amount.

Sufficiently wear-resistant and moisture-resistant material. Its undoubted advantage is a short production time, simple installation, seamlessness and ease of maintenance. Due to the large number of decors, it is possible to choose an option that perfectly matches the structure and color scheme with the worktop or skirting boards – depending on the basic concept of the interior. This is a very budget option.

The disadvantages include the flammability of MDF. Therefore, it is better for owners of gas stoves to refuse this option. If you plan to replace it with a gas hob, the risk of fire from MDF skinali is reduced to almost zero.

Tip: to give the kitchen a complete look, order the manufacture of window sills from the same material.

Metal skinals will look very advantageous in a high-tech kitchen equipped with many modern devices.

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