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Restoration of a chest of drawers from chipboard with your own hands

A chest of drawers made of chipboard today is a modern solution in interior furnishing, which is found in many homes and offices. Due to the budget cost, practicality and decent appearance, the material is very popular.

But after some time, pieces of furniture wear out as a result of active use, their surface burns out, defects may appear on it in the form of mechanical damage, chips and scratches, peeling veneer.

It is not necessary to change the old chipboard chest of drawers, because you can breathe new life into your favorite piece of furniture. Do-it-yourself high-quality restoration of a chest of drawers from chipboard is a laborious but interesting process. Having studied the subtleties and choosing good materials, you will save money on the work of a specialist and create an original interior element that will delight the eye for many years.

How to restore a chest of drawers from chipboard yourself?
Restoration of a chest of drawers from chipboard can be of several types:

Restoration of the worn coating by painting, gluing the film;
Masking scratches and chips formed on a chipboard product;
Restoration of chipped ends;
Restoration of places with torn off hinges and fasteners on a chipboard product.
It is important to understand that a chipboard chest of drawers can have various defects. For each degree of damage, an individual approach is applied and restoration may require different tools.

Restoration of a chest of drawers from chipboard: ways to implement
Restoring chipboard furniture on your own is a process that allows you to save a lot of money that you would spend on the services of a professional. It can be used to purchase high-quality fittings and materials.

There will be no need to transport a bulky closet to the workshop, moreover, such work will rally the household for a common project.

Do-it-yourself restoration has another plus – the ability to realize your own unique design, which will decorate the interior and emphasize its dignity.

Tools and materials that will be needed in the work
Soft furniture wax can be used to repair chips and cracks on the surface of particleboard. The material provides resistance to moisture and allows you to hide minor defects.
Hard wax for chipboard furniture. It must be melted before use. Such a composition is applied similarly to the first, but is used to restore the surface of the chipboard if the chest of drawers is subjected to more intensive use.
Products suitable for retouching the surface of a chest of drawers. These can be alcohol-based markers or felt-tip pens, paints or iodine. They will help to work out the texture of the material after applying the wax.
Polish and varnish are used to process the product. Restoration with their use will make the surface shiny and help mask minor defects.
It may also be necessary to restore the end elements, in which case a new edge with glue is needed.
PVA, chopsticks, wooden plugs will help fill holes in case of torn hinges or other fasteners.
Of the tools for restoration, you may need:

Putty knife;
Sanding sponge (fine);
Stationery knife;
Iron and hair dryer;
Rags and non-woven napkins for final processing.
Cosmetic restoration
The easiest way to restore a chest of drawers made of chipboard is its high-quality painting. Restoration of furniture by toning, varnishing and decoration makes it possible to renew the facade and the inner surface of the drawers. For such a restoration, you will need paint, sandpaper and varnish.

How to paint the surface of a chest of drawers made of chipboard?

Disassemble the chest of drawers with a screwdriver.
The surface must be cleaned and degreased, cleaned with sandpaper and a spatula.
If necessary, repair cracks with putty, allow the surface to dry.
Cover the surface with an even layer of acrylic paint using a spray, if necessary, in 2 or 3 layers, allowing them to dry in turn.
Apply varnish and leave the surface to dry.
acrylic paint for chest of drawers

Restoration with adhesive film can also be effective and not time consuming.

So, restoration carried out by cosmetic methods can eliminate minor defects, for example:

If the chipboard chest of drawers has scratches on the lacquer surface;
Small chips in places of constant impact;
Areas on the lacquer surface that have lost their transparency due to exposure to temperature or moisture.
How to make a restoration if a chipboard chest of drawers has chips and scratches on the surface?

The formation of chips on the end or countertop is a common phenomenon for home and office furniture. If the end is finished with a melamine edge, it is enough to perform the following steps:

Buy a new melamine edge with glue, choosing the material of the desired shade;
Warming up the ends with an iron, remove the old edge from the chest of drawers;
Sand the end with a chisel and sandpaper until the chips disappear from the surface;
Glue on the new edge by heating with an iron, removing the excess with a knife and sanding with sandpaper or a sponge.

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