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Eco-style in the interior

Most of today’s interior designers note a trend in which nature motifs in interiors are rapidly gaining popularity, or more simply, more and more people prefer the so-called eco-style. This style, along with pop art and minimalism, can be seen more and more often both in city apartments, where something natural is always missing, and in large private and country houses.

If you do not have enough natural motifs in the interior of your home, then this article is for you. Here are tips and recommendations on how to equip the interior in an eco-style.

Eco-style finish
This style involves the use of only natural materials for decoration. For the floor, you should choose an array of wood, stone, or an imitation of a natural texture.

custom-made furniture To finish one of the walls, an excellent option would be to use natural greenery, which is now very fashionable. To do this, you should first consider the system of irrigation, lighting and drainage. You can also use stabilized moss. These walls look just phenomenal.

But it is immediately worth noting that vertical gardening is not a cheap pleasure, and such a wall also requires careful and regular maintenance. But all the costs and efforts will fully pay for themselves with an excellent, stylish and unusual appearance. Also, do not forget that plants perfectly purify the air. You will only breathe clean air.

If vertical gardening is too expensive for you, then plants placed throughout the house will be an excellent alternative in this case. It is necessary to observe a certain style when choosing pots for plants.

When decorating walls, you should choose stone or stone imitation. With the right lighting, you can achieve an unusual, stylish effect.

Furniture also plays an important role in arranging an eco-interior. With its help, you can transform the room without any drastic changes in the decoration of the walls, floor or ceiling.

Eco-style furniture
furniture productionFurniture should also be made from natural materials. It can have massive dimensions, be made of wood, sometimes even from its whole fragment, and can also be wicker or rattan.

Such furniture can perfectly dilute the minimalist, fashionable furniture in our time. Also in eco-design, open shelving made of rough wood, shelves made of solid wood fragments and tables, the base of which can be made of snags or stumps, look great.

A very stylish solution would be a do-it-yourself rack made of boards or half-beams.

Natural motifs can also be used in the bathroom by installing, for example, a sink made of wood or bamboo. All this looks very stylish, and most importantly, natural, environmentally friendly materials will allow you to relieve the burden of daily routine and get a boost of natural energy.

For those who prefer standard plumbing, you can install wooden cabinets with moisture-resistant facades, and a wicker laundry basket is also practical, and most importantly, appropriate to the style. All sorts of accessories made from natural materials will look very stylish: soap dishes, baskets for small things, towel holders and much more.

Lighting plays a big role in an eco-interior. Large, massive chandeliers will not be particularly relevant here, preference should be given to built-in lighting. In this style, light should emphasize furniture elements and finishes, so chandeliers that would attract attention are not relevant here.

If you still want to decorate the interior with an unusual chandelier, then you should give preference to stylized lamps made of cork or bamboo. luminaires must comply with the overall interior concept.

A very important detail of any interior is properly selected textiles. Fabrics that are commonly used in a “green” interior, like all other elements, must be natural. Linen is best for curtains, and furniture is best upholstered with matting.

Decor elements in eco-style
The decor in this style implies elements only from natural materials, these can be all kinds of snags, wood fragments, baskets, plants and flowers.

Also an interesting solution would be the use of sea pebbles.

Summing up, we can say:

When creating an eco-interior, the main thing is not to overdo it and not oversaturate the room with wood elements. Otherwise
case, you can get the effect of a village hut;
It is important to leave the interior spacious and light so that it gives a feeling of lightness and comfort.
Eco-style in the interior is an interesting and sophisticated style in design that will allow you to arrange comfort in the room, as well as take care of your health, as this style involves the use of only natural materials and a large number of indoor plants.

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