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Useful tips for arranging the hallway.

Probably everyone was faced with the fact that they found the hallway in their house not functional and puzzled over what changes to make here, since the layout is not very comfortable and there is not enough space.

Usually, any alterations in this part of the house are already the final chord of general repairs in the house. But, nevertheless, what kind of hallway will need to be thought out in advance. In this article, we will share with you useful tips that will help you turn the entrance area into a functional and cozy, full-fledged room in a house or apartment.

First of all, practical, convenient and functional notes should prevail in the “local” interior, so that it would be possible to comfortably take off your shoes, hang up your outerwear and admire yourself in the mirror. Also, do not forget that the space in the corridor is also needed in order to be able to freely, if necessary, bring in or take out furniture or large household appliances.

So, let’s take a look at some tips that will help you rationally plan your hallway.

Planning a hallway: proven tips.

Let’s start with the floor. First of all, the floor must be divided into so-called zones: the “dirty” zone, which is located immediately near the entrance to the house, and the “clean” zone, which is already closer to the “inner world” of the house.

For the “dirty” zone, you should choose a coating that will be resistant to dirt, abrasion and will be easy to clean, the most suitable options are: tile, linoleum and porcelain stoneware.

hallway As for the “clean” area, here you can choose the same coverage as in the other rooms.

Both parts should be in harmony with each other in appearance, and the coating should be selected in accordance with the general palette of shades in this part of the house.

Let’s go to the ceiling. The main advice in this matter will be the desire not to violate the height of the ceiling, this is first of all. Since in most modern city apartments the ceiling height does not exceed 2.4 meters, it will be very problematic to build a complex ceiling consisting of several levels. The simplest and most practical solution would be whitewashing or regular painting, as well as a stretch ceiling with a light, matte surface.

As for glossy surfaces, they can work well only in large and spacious rooms, as in a small one it can create the feeling of a “bottom of a well”.

Arched structures will help visually raise the height of the ceiling.

Go ahead. In the hallway, a massive chandelier should be abandoned, as it will limit the space even more. This part of the house should be adequately provided with light. But, although the light should be very bright, it should not be much brighter than in other parts of the house or apartment, as this can tire the eyes.

You should not be limited to one, central lamp, you need to use additional light sources: sconces near paintings or mirrors, spotlights on walls and ceilings. You can also use furniture that will be equipped with additional light sources.

hallway Volumetric pendant chandeliers are not an option, it is better to use spotlights or flat, ceiling lamps.

A convenient option for the hallway would be to use discharge bulbs, as they will not help create the effect of daylight, which is so often lacking in this room.

As for wall decoration, here you need to remember the laws of contrast. If you finish the walls and floor in the same color, as well as pick up a similar color of furniture, then this is a risk of getting an interior that will be dull and monotonous.

The walls should act as a kind of background, allowing you to create bright, cheerful and stylish accents with the help of other interior details.

To give visual depth, designers advise using photo wallpapers that depict open space.

For the area near the entrance, you need to choose more practical materials, since, for example, light, delicate wallpaper will not stay here for a long time.

A good solution would be to install PVC or MDF panels. They can be placed along the length of the entire corridor at the bottom of the wall. The most expressive will be panels with imitation of brick or masonry.

You can not clutter up the passage, not only the fireman, but also the designer will tell you this. The usual hallway furniture looks very old-fashioned and bulky, so you should turn your eyes to more ergonomic furniture that will help free up space.
The best option for the hallway would be a built-in wardrobe, a shoe rack and you can’t do without a hanging hanger – this is a classic.
The arrangement of furniture elements may depend only on the dimensions of the room and its layout. Hanging furniture will also look spectacular. Mezzanines will be useful for storing those things that are used only at certain times of the year. Hanging cabinets or shelving can be placed along the hallway, or above the front door.

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