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Countertops in the kitchen - features of choice
The tops of a modern kitchen are the facade of the kitchen set, the apron of the working area and the countertop. It is these three whales that create the…

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Choosing a crib

Children are the most important treasure that life rewards us with. That is why, from the earliest years of a baby’s life, he must be surrounded by care and bestowed with all the best.

The main factor for the health, development and growth of the child is a sound and healthy sleep. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a crib for a baby so that it is comfortable, safe and can give the baby the sweetest sleep.

We will consider many nuances that parents should take into account when choosing a crib, the nuances will swing mainly in the design, since it is she who is the most important.

Crib pads.

baby cribThe side rails are a very important detail, because they protect the baby and at the same time help him. Sides can be of two types: open and closed. Open sides are most often rack type, and they have their advantages:

Parents and baby will always have eye contact, the baby will see the parents and feel safe. He will also be able to observe everything that happens around him, which will positively affect his development;

The slatted side, when the baby learns to stand up, will be an excellent helper and support.
A closed edge will help protect the crib from drafts, but in this case, parents will have to go to the crib much more often to see how the baby is there.

Let’s talk about the front side of the crib. Mom leans over to the baby many times a day to take him in her arms, fix something or change his clothes. And such slopes can be very tiring, so the right decision would be to choose a crib with a front side, which can be lowered by 20-30 cm, this will greatly facilitate the above-mentioned “exercises” that the mother performs.

The baby will not be able to lower the side on his own and this will protect him. If you have a crib with a removable side, then it can be completely removed when the child grows up and will already go to bed and get out of bed on his own.

When the baby grows up and learns to get out of the crib, it is better, of course, to remove the side so that the child does not have to climb over it, because this is a danger of injury.

Another interesting “chip” of the crib can be considered removable slats. You can pull out a couple of twigs from the side and thus make a passage for the baby. The child does not have to climb the sides and squeeze between the rails. The crib will not lose its protective properties, and the baby will be able to safely move from the crib and back to the crib.

Baby bed base.

This part of the crib can be produced in different ways, everything will depend on the preferences of the manufacturer. The bottom is different, it can be solid or consist of slats. Solid will be more durable, and slatted will allow the bed to “breathe”. It will also ensure faster drying of unwanted moisture that may appear after another “night accident”.

Also, in some models of cribs, one useful option is provided – adjusting the height of the bottom of the crib. You can set the bottom to the highest possible level, thereby saving your strength. I lean towards the little one, in which case you do not have to lean deeply and load your lower back, because you often have to lean. This mode is suitable for a very small baby, as he will not be able to get out of the crib.

For an older baby who has already learned to stand on his feet, it is advisable to lower the bottom to protect him.

Rocking bed for children.

For those babies who find it difficult to fall asleep, the rocking function was invented. Such beds, equipped with special curved runners, thanks to which the baby can be rocked. Some models are equipped with a pendulum function, the crib will swing by itself and parents do not have to be constantly near it.

So that the baby, who has already grown up, does not swing on his own, it is advisable to remove the skids.

children’s bedSome models of beds are equipped with a very convenient superstructure – a box for things. Such a box is great for storing bedding, children’s things that should be at hand. And when the baby grows up, he will be able to put his toys, books and much more here.

The number and capacity of such boxes may be different, it all depends on the model or your wishes.

As for materials, despite the large number of modern synthetic materials, natural wood remains the most popular, because for children everyone prefers natural, environmentally friendly materials.

A crib will become an island of relaxation and pleasant dreams for your baby for more than one year, so when choosing it for your baby, give preference to high-quality and comfortable options, because sound sleep for a child is the basis of his health.

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