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Choosing the right lifting mechanism for the bed
The current philosophy of the home is a maximum of space, air and freedom, and comfort, pragmatism and utility are the quintessence of modern furniture. A striking example is comfortable…

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Choosing furniture for the living room.

The living room is the “center of the Universe” in every home, because it is here that we spend time with our family, watch TV and receive guests. Therefore, you need to try very hard so that this part of the house gives comfort and peace to everyone who is in it.

Comfort is a complex concept, which includes the layout of the room, its interior, and, of course, furniture. So you need to try to take into account all these factors and choose only the best, high-quality and functional.

In this article we will talk about how to equip the living room so that it becomes a real island of calm and “relaxation”.

To equip the living room, one should not forget about the color design of this part of the house, because the colors “know how” to influence the mood and general condition of a person. Therefore, this issue must also be approached with full seriousness.

So what colors work best in a living room?

Let’s say right away that too bright colors are not very suitable for this room, because they can cause aggression.

living roomGreen, blue, purple are great for the living room, because they cool and relax, and this is the main thing, because this room is designed for relaxation.

Also, the walls in the living room can be decorated in yellow or orange tones, they tone up and bring joyful emotions.

Well, do not forget about the universal color – white. It creates the impression of freedom, spaciousness and purity. It is easy to pick up furniture or paintings under it. You can put dark-colored furniture, or you can put bright, unusual furniture. All options will look great.

The living room can be painted in two colors, thereby dividing it into zones. This is useful when the living room has to be divided into a working area and a recreation area.

Well, now let’s move on to the furniture for the living room.

sideboardOf course, in this room you can not do without upholstered furniture – without a sofa and an armchair. Also useful furniture in this part of the house will be a coffee table.

But the rest of the furniture can be considered no less important. Let’s talk about cabinet furniture. Which will make your living room more comfortable and functional.

We always put a TV in the living room, and remembering the already “legendary” Joey, from the no less legendary and loved by millions series “Friends”, all the furniture looks in the direction of the TV.

So, what can you install a TV in the living room on?

The simplest and most useful option for saving space in a room is a regular TV cabinet. You can choose it with opening doors, to which you can put a lot of useful little things, or you can choose with open shelves on which you can install audio or multimedia equipment.

A more spacious and functional option can be considered a cabinet for the living room. It is taller and more spacious. It can be equipped with drawers, shelves or bedside tables. This is a very comfortable and functional piece of furniture.

cinema We move on to more dimensional furniture, and next in line is the sideboard wall for the living room. It differs from the curbstone in large dimensions and wider functionality.

It is equipped with a large number of spacious drawers, bedside tables and shelves where you can put books, dishes, accessories and install multimedia equipment.

If you prefer a big screen, then a Cinema wall would be a very cool option. It is a rectangular structure. In the center of which there is a screen, and along the perimeter it is equipped with comfortable bedside tables or shelves.

And finally, Complex furniture for the living room. This is the most versatile option that can combine everything you need in the living room.

These are shelves for books, because you must admit that the living room looks very cozy and stylish when there are books on the shelves, as the fashion for knowledge never goes away. But back to furniture.

Complex furniture for the living room can also contain a TV cabinet, wall cabinets, shelves, cabinets and drawers. It is very roomy and you can fit whatever you want in it. Well, of course, it looks very stylish.

All elements of this type of furniture are located very compactly and ergonomically, you will not get the impression of bulkiness and tightness, which is very important for such a room as a living room.

As for the color design of furniture, you can choose the most versatile option – the classic color “under the tree”, it will look very advantageous in the living room.

But you can also afford a little “rebellion”, namely brighter colors – green, red or orange. These colors will add variety to your life and give bright emotions.

Glossy furniture will look very “profitable” in the living room, due to the fact that everything will be reflected in it, it can visually increase the space in the room. Glass furniture elements will also help to increase the space, because the look will not rest on a blank wall.

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