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Tricks to save space

Free space in the house is a very important detail for overall comfort. Space gives us a feeling of comfort, freshness and gives us the opportunity to fly thoughts. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford a spacious house or a large apartment. But those who, by the will of fate, live in a small, or even a small apartment, should not despair. After all, comfort can be created even in the smallest room.

In this article, we will offer you 9 tricks that will allow you to get a feeling of freedom and spaciousness in small spaces. Tips are universal, they can be used both individually and in combination.

In order for the space to give a sense of freedom, it is not necessary to give up furniture or tear down walls, it is enough just to arm yourself with a few tricks that will allow you to deceive the sensations.

Multifunctional furniture items.

multifunctional furniture If there is not enough space in an apartment or a particular room, then you need to be very careful in choosing furniture. The best option in such a situation would be furniture that “can” perform several functions.

For example, a large and tall rack can serve as both a cabinet and a console, and you can also put whatever you want on its shelves.

Or a chest of drawers that can serve as a TV stand and at the same time you can store a fairly large number of things in it.

Multifunctional furniture is a great opportunity to save space.

The use of mirrors.
mirror It has long been known that mirrors “can” visually increase the space in the room. Therefore, for cramped rooms, the use of mirrors is not only “useful”, but also necessary!

You can not be limited to the use of classic wall mirrors, but also furnish the room with furniture with mirror surfaces.

For example, install a sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors, or a screen that can be lined with mirrored panels.

Furniture transformers.
transformers The use of this type of furniture is simply indispensable for a small apartment. You can put a folding table in the kitchen, which can easily turn into a large table for guests. In the living room there is a transforming coffee table that will turn into a tea table.

In the hallway, you can install a folding hanger or shoe rack, which, if necessary, can increase its capacity.

And for those who have to combine a living room with a study, a transforming table for working at a computer is generally “essential” furniture.

Minimum furniture and light walls.
minimum Another win-win option for visually expanding the space is considered to be the so-called “furniture minimalism” – that is, as little furniture as possible in the room, leaving only the most necessary, compact and functional.

To the “furniture minimum” you can add more white walls. White color will give a feeling of freshness and spaciousness.

Side lighting.
side light

There is an opinion that for a small room one light source will be quite enough. But we, with pleasure, will disprove this myth.

After all, the more light zones there are in a small room, it will seem more spacious and diverse.

Adding these light zones is very simple, just around the perimeter, along the walls, hang sconces, thereby complementing the chandelier and other light sources.

Mobile furniture.

mobileMobile furniture, or “furniture on wheels” will be useful everywhere, but in small spaces the value of such furniture increases several times.

If you need to free up space, you can easily move it easily, or “leave on it” to another room.

Furniture “matryoshkas”.
nesting dolls The advantages of this kind of furniture, whatever one may say, are obvious, because it can be folded into each other or assembled in piles.

It is very convenient when one table turns into three.

Also, such furniture takes up very little space. It can be placed somewhere in a secluded corner, and if necessary, get it and use it.

The use of benches.

A bench in the kitchen is a great option for a large family that lives in a small apartment.

After all, the bench can accommodate more people than the chairs.

Also, the installation of benches in the hallway can be considered a rational option, because it is much more convenient to put on shoes while sitting.

Active prints.
In order to visually increase the height of the ceilings, you can use wallpaper with vertical stripes, and if you need to decorate a more non-standard room, such as an attic, then you should use more complex and dense ornaments here – this will help smooth out sharp corners and hide slopes, and of course, visually expand the space.

A small apartment is not a problem, because even in the smallest space you can arrange comfort, and the above tips can help you with this. And remember that even a small room can be made cozy, you just need to find a non-standard approach.

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