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5 rules for placing furniture in the children’s room

The question of how to place furniture in the children’s room was asked by each parent. There are general rules for arranging furniture here, justified by the peculiarities of the physical and emotional development of the baby, his preferences and the possibilities of the room.

At an early age, the child’s psyche and his individuality are formed, so it is important to arrange the most favorable environment for his healthy development.

How to arrange furniture in the nursery: the basic principles of proper placement
In order to optimally arrange the furniture in this room, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room, the number of children, and natural lighting.

How to properly arrange the furniture in the nursery? Experts advise planning furniture, taking into account 5 principles:

Ensuring child safety. It is necessary to arrange rounded furniture, soften the corners with rubber plugs, and properly strengthen all elements. Set the sides on the bed.
Furniture for the future. The child is growing, so in order not to buy a new furniture set in a couple of years, height-adjustable products would be a good idea.
Maintaining individuality. It is important that the child likes the space in which he spends a lot of time. To harmoniously arrange the furniture, consider his interests when decorating. A great idea would be to decorate the space together – crafts, photos or do-it-yourself objects.
Simplify the cleaning process. Set aside a separate niche for toys to make cleaning up after yourself fun and enjoyable.
Space zoning.
how to arrange furniture in the nursery

It is important to rationally equip the sections in the room. Here it is worth making room for:

work and creativity
games and sports
What kind of furniture is needed in the children’s room depends on the age of the child. Preschool children need to allocate space for games. Over time, the priority will be a writing or computer desk with the necessary office equipment, shelving in which you can arrange educational literature.

How to arrange furniture in a rectangular room?
Here it is better to place the bed against a narrow wall in order to cut the length of the room and leave room for other areas.

Place a writing desk near a light source to provide a comfortable environment for creativity and lessons.

And what about interior design?
The child’s interests change quickly. In order not to make repairs from time to time when your favorite character or color gets bored, choose neutral pastel shades. The selection of the optimal color scheme will help to arrange the products, forming an organic interior.

How to arrange furniture in a narrow room?
The first and most important rule is not to place all the objects around the perimeter of a long wall, because then there will be little room for passage. Priority are L-, U-shaped types of placement.

Rounded lines, the absence of sharp corners will counterbalance the strict geometry of the room, visually adding volume to the arrangement. The window can be decorated with a U-shaped module with open shelves.

little nursery

Optimal arrangement in a small children’s room
In small spaces, such as 10m2 or 14m2, furniture may be a problem. How to arrange furniture in a small children’s bedroom? Despite the compact dimensions, there should be a basic set:

Work table and chairs
A loft-type bed would be a good idea, where a work section or a play area can still be located under the sleeping area. Open shelves can also save space.

How to arrange furniture in a room for two children?
Carefully consider zoning if children of different sexes live in the same room. Here you can use a partition. A good solution would be a bunk bed.

An important aspect will be the choice of the desktop – it is better to divide the tabletop into two sections to ensure the comfortable work of children.

how to arrange furniture in the nursery for two children

What to consider when choosing children’s furniture?
Many are wondering how to choose furniture for the nursery.
There are several criteria for choosing children’s furniture:

environmental Safety
structural stability and reliability
design that will appeal to the interests of the baby
When choosing, be guided also by the age of the children and gender. Since the body is still developing, such products are subject to special requirements for quality and ergonomics.

It is better to purchase products for children from the manufacturer, making sure that they have the appropriate certificates. The FlashNika online store guarantees the high quality of its products and takes into account the individual wishes of each customer. If the standard dimensions do not suit you, we produce furniture, including children’s furniture, in Kiev on an individual order.

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