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We make the hallway in Khrushchev a little more comfortable.

The entrance hall is a very important, functional part of your home, it separates the external environment from the directly internal one, and performs the function of a kind of barrier. It is this room that is the litmus test of order and comfort in your home, this is how it meets you and your guests. It is the “first opinion” about the housing and its owner.

Therefore, it is very important to make it as cozy and friendly as possible, so that it cheers up, is comfortable and functional.

In this article, we will not talk about large and spacious hallways that owners of large houses or an apartment can boast of, but small and uncomfortable ones, we will talk about the so-called “Khrushchev”. It is in such apartments that this room is the smallest and most uncomfortable. But we will try, nevertheless, to give some practical advice that will help equip the corridor even in such cramped conditions.

The entrance hall in Khrushchev is small, narrow and not always standard in shape, rooms that are not at all friendly with the concept of comfort. But do not despair, the right and purposeful action can change it for the better.

We decorate the entrance hall in Khrushchev.

hallway Before moving on to tips on furniture and accessories, you need to start with what the floor, walls and ceiling should be, since any repair begins with them:

Ceiling. With its appearance, it should give the impression of height, so it is worth refusing any colored or stretch ceilings. The best and most suitable would be a perfectly flat white ceiling. It will be as high as possible and will help to diffuse the light well, which will make the small hallway brighter;

Walls. Since this room in Khrushchev is more like a matchbox, decorative, embossed plaster or any wall panels made of plastic and wood are completely inappropriate here. The best option is wallpaper or a simple painting of the walls. As for the color of the walls, milky, yellow, beige, blue, light green, gray are best suited here, that is, those colors that can visually expand the space;

Floor. Perhaps this is the most worn part of the hallway, so you should think about its durability. Laminate or parquet here will not be the best option, as this is a very delicate material. The best for a passerby is a tile. It will allow you to visually separate the room from the rest of the apartment and will last much longer;

Particular attention in this part of the house should be given to lighting, because this is a very important factor for a small and cramped room.

One of the brightest light sources should be placed above the mirror, this will make the hallway brighter, and you will also be able to examine your wardrobe items in more detail.

Interior designers recommend using incandescent or halogen lamps as they produce light that is very similar to natural light. You can also illuminate this room with energy-saving lamps, because they shine with a matte, white light. Furniture elements should preferably have their own lighting.

An entrance hall with a hanger is something that you can’t do without in Khrushchev.

hallway arrangementFor a hallway, especially a small one, the problem of a large number of clothes and shoes is very acute, so for all this you need to choose the right furniture that will not “eat up” all the space, which is already small.

It is advisable to choose furniture with a depth of no more than 40 centimeters so that it does not take up too much space, and it should also be installed on one side of the room.

For shoes in the hallway, the best option would be a vertical shelf, which can accommodate a large number of shoes.

Since this part of the house is very small, you can’t install a lot of wardrobes or a closet, so the best furniture would be a hallway with a clothes hanger, as well as shelves for hats. Also a great option are shelves that are located directly under the ceiling, they are great for storing seasonal items.

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