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Laptop trolleys: charging and storage solution in one place

We live in a digital age, abacus and pencils have disappeared and have been replaced by powerful computers. Digital technologies have become commonplace in educational institutions and offices. And if you use laptops for class, you’ll need a place to store them and, of course, charge them. Take a look at our offer and find the right solution.
Laptop trolleys: charging and storage solution in one place
Nowadays, it is not uncommon to use laptops or tablets as work tools to educate, inform, entertain, etc. However, as the use of these mobile learning devices continues to grow in popularity, charging and storing multiple devices in a confined space is becoming a clutter and security hazard. According to surveys of the target audience, 10% of mobile devices go missing or break due to inappropriate content in the first year of use. For laptops to serve their intended purpose, technology must be fully functional and available when needed. We offer

Reliable and safe charging trolleys for laptops and tablets from KMK Plant.

The smart way to keep tech devices in one place, charged and safe.
Convenient way to transport and organize storage with cable management and other great features.
Device protection at a new level, which provides significant savings on the replacement of expensive equipment.
Brief information about the manufacturer

KMK Plant produces metal furniture and equipment for enterprises, banks, offices. Products are of high quality and affordable prices. The painstaking work of engineers, a thorough study of modern technologies for the production of metal furniture and design features allows us to offer the best products on the Russian market, including trolleys for laptops.

trolleys for mobile classrooms

Trolley for 30 SchoollBox laptops
Able to charge 30 laptops in 5 hours at once. Mounted on swivel wheels and easy to move. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to get around corners if you need to take it to another class. Made of metal and very durable. Stable, does not tip over, making it safe for children who may collide with it. It has compact dimensions, 120x54x97cm, and takes up little space in the classroom.

Two shelves are equipped with partitions-slots, 15 pieces each, and a system for fixing wires. The size of the slot is 31x45x4 cm, suitable for a laptop with a diagonal of up to 17 inches. If you have fewer devices, the partitions can be removed to optimize the interior space. The case has ventilation holes that prevent overheating.

One of the great things about this cart is that it supports charging with a controller. It optimizes the charging mode and prevents electrical circuit overload, ensuring the safety and durability of your devices. There is a fast charging mode, which means that your laptops will be ready to work in half an hour.
Trolley for 16 OfficeBox laptops
It will ensure the safety, charging and readiness of devices for any task. Ideal for businesses that need to carry laptops between rooms. Designed to last a long time. The body is made of steel, and is able to withstand any test. The design includes features such as steel doors, impact protection devices, strong grip handles and high quality heavy duty casters.

Supports safe and fast charging so your devices are ready to go when you need them. The charging mode will cope with this task in half an hour. And to reduce the time to fully charge all laptops, the sockets are divided into three groups. The modes are controlled through the controller. Inside there is an additional compartment for a WiFi router and a pull-out shelf for hanging files. In tight spaces, use the top of this cart to store just about anything.

Two shelves with removable partitions are designed to accommodate laptops. There is a compartment with sockets and pockets for stacking charger blocks. Minimize cart clutter by keeping those damned cables in place once and for all. They stay organized, allowing you to quickly connect devices after every use. Each compartment is equipped with a door with a reliable bolt lock, which increases resistance to burglary.

Transport, secure and charge in one place with the OffisBox laptop trolley.

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