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The best orthopedic chairs for working at a computer

We have selected for you the 7 best ergonomic chairs from our catalog that you can buy right now. These models adapt to the position of the body, provide support for the lower back, and allow you to work without back pain for 8 hours or more.
The best orthopedic chairs for working at a computer 2021
Ergonomic chairs are essential when it comes to furnishing a home office. We were all mistaken in March last year, when we went into self-isolation, that this was not for long and the kitchen chair was quite suitable for office work. Perhaps many have even tried to convince themselves throughout the year, despite the discomfort, that this is the case. But it’s time to recognize that something better is needed for our back in the long run. A high quality ergonomic chair is an investment in your health, comfort and productivity. So, get acquainted – the best orthopedic chairs for working at a computer in 2021.

Armchair Metta Samurai S 3
Perhaps the best orthopedic chair for working at a computer in 2021. There is a Samurai in the world and all other armchairs. The absolute leader of all kinds of ratings over the past 3 years from the Russian company Metta. The model combines the latest scientific research and innovative technologies in the field of ergonomics. And it has been constantly improving since its inception.

The S 3 version is a masterpiece that brings you as close to “healthy sitting” as possible. The model is so perfect that it can also regulate your body temperature thanks to the innovative mesh material on the seat that allows air, steam and heat to pass through. This chair is easily adjustable and adapts to any possible working position through numerous adjustments. Seat height, backrest position, headrest, armrests – all this can be adjusted without getting up from the chair.

But the most interesting thing about this model that distinguishes it from others is the improved mesh seat. It has a two-zone stiffness adjustment – you can make it softer or harder. You no longer need to constantly crawl in a chair to feel comfortable. The back is covered with the same mesh and works in tandem with the lumbar support. Provides consistent sacrum and back support whether you’re sitting upright, leaning forward or leaning back.

Ergonomic chair SAMURAI S-3.04 Black plus
Ergonomic chair SAMURAI S-3.04 Black plus
27 237 rubles
Seat shape: anatomical
Upholstery: mesh fabric reinforced with aramid fiber
Frame: metal
Cross: cast mirror
Rollers: polyamide recoil
Adjustments: seat height and depth
Swing mechanism: synchro mechanism
Back: fixation in several positions
Lumbar support: yes, adjustable
Headrest: removable, adjustable in height, depth and angle of inclination
Armrests: adjustable in height, angle of rotation, distance
Load: 120 kg
Features: seat hardness adjustment
Ergonomic chair Spinelly
If you’re working on an unlimited budget, why not get the very best? This chair is so amazing. The Spinelly chair has been designed in such a way that it can harmonize with the body movements performed by the person sitting in it. The model has a unique design resembling a human spine attached at the back, known as an exoskeleton. The backrest moves with your back, thereby helping to maintain the correct posture. And all this without any adjustments on your part.

Of course, the spine suffers the most while sitting. The Spinelli chair was inspired by the structure of this unique framework in our body. According to the manufacturer, in the process of use, pressure is distributed and the natural alignment of the spinal column occurs. This modern ergonomic chair doesn’t lock you into the seat, but combines active and passive ergonomics for long, effortless sitting. What else is worth knowing about this model?

Seat shape: anatomical
Upholstery: nylon mesh, cloth seat
Adjustments: seat height and depth, rocking stiffness
Frame: plastic, metal
Crosspiece: die-cast aluminum
Rollers: polyurethane, silent
Swing mechanism: synchro mechanism
Back: fixation in any position
Lumbar support: yes, adjustable
Headrest: yes, adjustable
Armrests: adjustable in height and angle of rotation
Load: 120 kg
Features: dynamic back
Chair 769
Love the breathable mesh back in your office chair, but not so much when it’s in the seat? For people who crave a softer and more “familiar” seat fabric, the Chairman 769 combines the best of both worlds. In addition, the seat has a bevelled front edge. This reduces the chance of leg numbness after long hours of sitting. The breathable mesh back, combined with the soft fabric seat, works great for consistent comfort.

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