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Furniture in the head office: important aspects of choice

The manager’s office is an invariable component of business reputation. For partners and important customers, one glance is enough to draw conclusions about the success of your company. Therefore, it is worth taking care not only about buying premium class furniture, but also about its style and proper placement. Consider the main criteria for choosing furniture for the head office.
Furniture in the head office: important aspects of choice
When designing a manager’s workplace, the main task is to create a stylish, comfortable interior and, at the same time, practical and strict, allowing you to tune in to doing business. The interior should be comfortable not only for the director himself, but also for the guests of his office, whether they are business partners or subordinates. Furniture is selected in accordance with the general style direction and scope of the company, as well as taking into account the taste of the leader himself.

Furniture Arrangement: Zoning Recommendations
The manager’s office is a multifunctional room and is not only a place to work, but also a territory for business meetings, negotiations, meetings and recreation. Dividing into zones is a great solution. Even a small room, skillfully zoned, will be comfortable and multifunctional. Here are the main areas that will help you properly arrange the furniture in the manager’s office.

1st: the main place where there is a personal workplace with a desk or computer desk, cabinets and shelves for documents.
2nd: area for business meetings and negotiations, where you can place a large table, many chairs, a demonstration board, a projector.
3rd: a recreation area or for informal meetings, which should have a comfortable sofa, armchairs and a coffee table.
how to arrange furniture in the manager’s office

Executive office design: choose the right style
Stylishly and tastefully decorated cabinet is a kind of visiting card of the company. Naturally, the design must fully comply with the high status of a top manager.

Classic style
The classical style includes furniture made of natural wood, original accessories with gilding elements, leather upholstery and handmade work. Interior details should be in harmony with each other and leave only a positive impression on visitors and employees of the company. Such a design will emphasize the stability of the organization and a strong position in the market and in society.
The executive chair is a status symbol that adds comfort and authority to your workspace. What should you pay attention to before making a choice?

Design. Often potential clients and visitors look at the interior of the office, which in most cases determines their first impression. In the case of a good environment, the company inspires special trust in visitors even before they start to say anything.
Specifications. Managers tend to spend the longest time in the workplace. Therefore, a good office chair for an executive should not only be luxurious, but also have good settings that will ensure comfort during the entire working day.
manufacturer’s reputation. Known facts about product quality and manufacturer reliability should be taken into account. All this information can be gleaned from customer reviews. In our catalog, everyone has the opportunity to leave a review for any product.

Swing Mechanism: Multi-Block Superior
Armrests: with natural wood pads
Cross: metal with wooden lining

Classic premium model. Stylish and comfortable. No wonder it is in some demand. The noble design emphasizes the high status of the owner and creates an atmosphere of confidence and reliability in the interior of the cabinet.

The upholstery is made of natural Cow leather, the advantage of which is softness and breathability. The skin is soft and pleasant to the touch. As you know, a leather chair looks status, but it should be noted that natural leather will require care.

The off-axis rocking mechanism provides a smooth, comfortable rocking motion and allows the backrest to be fixed in any position. Free movement is great for taking a quick break from typing, answering the phone, and relaxing.

Swing Mechanism: Multi-Block Superior
Armrests: wooden with leather pads
Cross: metal with wooden lining

Another premium chair. It has good ergonomics. It perfectly combines traditional style and modern functionality.

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