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How to choose chairs for the kitchen table: 3 simple rules

With the help of new chairs, you can easily update the dining area. But the offer of chairs is so great that it’s hard not to get confused. It is this moment that complicates the selection of items that are appropriate in style and design. But we have written this guide to make it easier for you to make a choice and create a complete image of a dining area that will only please you.
How to choose chairs for the kitchen table: 3 simple rules
Here are a few things you will need to consider before you go to our catalog and shop.

The size
Measure your table and find out how wide the seats should be. Leave some space on each side of the chair – you don’t want your guests to dine like herring in a barrel. Remember your comfort zone. Provide about 60 cm of table top per person for a rectangular table and 75 cm for a round table. We have already talked about this in our article – Dining table dimensions: standards in centimeters.

A couple more things to think about:

Table shape. If it’s round or oval, space underneath may be limited, so make sure all chairs can be tucked under the tabletop when not in use.
Models with armrests will require additional space. Therefore, in conditions of limited space, it is better to refuse such models.Design
It is better not to mix different styles, woods and materials. A modern glass table can look a bit odd when surrounded by chic wooden chairs. Avoid too much contrast, such as a light table and dark chairs, as this will make the whole space look incomprehensible.

The hit of the season are chairs that complement rather than match. The goal is to create harmony through color, style, shape or material. It sounds complicated, but the main thing is to find a common element that will bring the chairs together or make them connected to the dining table. It can be something simple – the shape of the legs or the color of the frame.
Surprisingly, color comes first and convenience comes last. Consider how much the dining chair will be used for. If you rarely have guests and usually eat in another room, you may not need a particularly luxurious design. But in any case, you need to choose something that will be comfortable to sit on for several hours.

Don’t buy chairs that are less than 50 cm wide, as they won’t be wide enough to sit comfortably. Choose models with a sloping back that follows the natural curve of your back. Soft chairs are more preferable than hard ones. Plastic chairs may look super stylish, but spending a couple of hours on one can leave you craving upholstery.
upholstered dining chairs and table
Well, now that you know how to choose chairs for the kitchen table, there is one more nuance.

Don’t Forget Care
The material of the chair can help evoke the mood you want. Metal adds shine and lightness. Rattan conveys a tropical aura. The wood exudes a warm, organic feel. Fabric upholstery can provide comfort, a more luxurious look and pattern, while faux leather is more durable and easier to clean. And each model comes with its own set of maintenance requirements.

Clear zoning is familiar, but banal, so designers go in the opposite direction – towards visual unity. They achieve it with the help of finishing. Two main methods are used:

Unite the space with flooring. Few people dare to lay parquet in the kitchen – after all, it is very impractical, but the stone is easily transferred to the room. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to use tiles throughout the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe living room – the main thing is that the perimeter of the room and the area at the entrance to the kitchen be finished with the same material as directly in the cooking area. In the center, you can lay out a “carpet” made of wood or lay an ordinary carpet.
Use the same wall decoration. One paint color or the same wallpaper in the kitchen area and living room will create the effect of a single space. So that the zones do not completely merge, the boundaries are emphasized with the help of furniture facades, an apron, lighting, etc.
Trend two: accent
The rule of make-up “only eyes or only lips” designers transferred to the interior. They propose to single out one zone, leaving the other neutral and discreet. You can focus on both the kitchen and the living room, but more often than not, experts choose the latter. The most popular combination: a beige or black and white kitchen plus a living room with a bright sofa and noticeable lamps.

Taken to its maximum, this technique spawned the next trend.

Trend Three: Invisible Kitchen
All attention to the living room, and the kitchen out of sight! To achieve this effect without abandoning the cooking area, designers install concise kitchen sets with smooth facades, pressure mechanisms and built-in appliances. As a result, the furniture simply merges with the walls, “dissolving” into space. At the same time, an “invisible” kitchen can simultaneously solve decorative problems, for example, glossy facades can visually enlarge a room or add light to it.

This technique is used not only in modern interiors, but also in classic ones. For them, kitchen sets are selected with a discreet minimal finish, merging with the coating on the walls and patterns on the curtains.

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