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Eclectic style in the interior

The main reason why designers and mere mortals turn to eclecticism is freedom. Indeed, the rejection of the canons and frames of other styles opens up opportunities for creating truly original environments. We will tell and show all the nuances of eclectic interiors.
Eclectic style in the interior: endless possibilities that need to be used carefully
This interior style appeared in the 19th century. Then people, in search of something new, began to mix the features of classicism, renaissance and baroque in the interiors. Since then, many new trends in interior design have emerged, but the essence remains the same. It is understood as a combination of seemingly incongruous things and techniques, from which your own style is born.

Pros and cons of eclectic style in the interior
The most important advantage is that it is able to mix the tastes and wishes of each inhabitant of the house and form a unique interior that accurately conveys the special spirit of the apartment and the character of its owners.

eclectic interior photo naples design
But eclecticism is very capricious. There is always a danger of not feeling the fine line between a harmonious combination of things and a heap of dissimilar details. You can inadvertently slide into kitsch or just litter the space. You need to work with it carefully and always look back to see if the interior elements really have something that unites them.

Distinctive features of eclecticism as a style
Eclecticism in the interior is not an unambiguous concept. Someone calls one particular style that way, and someone includes a whole group of styles in it. In particular, some designers refer fusion and kitsch to eclecticism, and some consider it part of the gradation:

eclecticism – a harmonious delicate combination of objects at first glance from different operas;
fusion – a combination of radically different styles;
kitsch – “I will put on all the best at once.”
In any case, in order for an interior to be considered an interior, and not a set of random items, it must have the following features:

Details must be combined: texture, color, materials, etc.
The environment should be comfortable and functional.
eclecticism in interior design photo tatyana shapranova

Other distinctive features include:

Use of patterns and drawings on furniture and walls.
Interesting materials such as patterned wallpaper, carved tiles, retro parquet, window and doorway draperies.
The abundance of decor on the walls and shelves, echoing other elements in the room.
The play of color and light is a combination of different shades and brightness.

The most popular combination methods
Antiquity + modernity
The easiest way to add eclecticism to the interior is to place objects from different eras side by side. For example, stucco on the ceiling and a modern chandelier, a loft-style sofa and classic armchairs, retro furniture from a flea market and trendy metal lamps are great friends. Eclectic style in general is very fond of antiquity and objects with history.

kitchen interior
Works of art as a tool
Paintings and figurines become bridges between styles. For example, in a classic setting, abstractions, cubism and suprematism will look very impressive, echoing in color with furniture or curtains.

Neutral walls and floors as a backdrop for bright interiors
Eclecticism implies a riot of colors, but the most important thing in it is balance. Therefore, the ideal background would be light walls and a dark floor. They perfectly shade colorful paintings, juicy furniture and patterned textiles.

Minimalism as a basis
Adding eye-catching pieces to a furniture base with simple designs and simple colors will keep the room from turning into a kaleidoscope. Therefore, for minimalism in eclecticism there is also a worthy place.

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