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Choosing the right lifting mechanism for the bed

The current philosophy of the home is a maximum of space, air and freedom, and comfort, pragmatism and utility are the quintessence of modern furniture. A striking example is comfortable and practical beds with a lifting mechanism. How the lifting mechanism of the bed works, what models are popular and what is the peculiarity of their operation, how to choose the right bed – these questions arise for everyone who decides to update their bedroom furniture and make the apartment as rational as possible.

How the bed lift mechanism works
What is a lift bed? This is a special design of furniture for sleeping with a flat base (bed), under which there are special niches for storing various things. That is, these samples, regardless of the design variety and the specific type of lift, perfectly combine several functional purposes. They are

comfortable sleeping place;
compact and spacious storage system.
soft bed lifting mechanism

Different types of lifting mechanisms for the bed allow the base to rise up or to the side, opening up access to bulky boxes. All varieties of this furniture, regardless of the type of lifting mechanism, are very popular due to their convenience and high quality workmanship (if we are talking about factory-made copies that meet all technological standards). This bed is more comfortable than a sofa bed, because it provides a wide choice of comfortable mattresses, limiting only the dimensions. The model itself, partially acting as a closet, allows you to unload the room, saving it from excess furniture.

bed-wardrobe with lifting mechanism

How to choose the right model, what kind of lifting devices exist and how do their principles of operation differ?

Types of lifting mechanisms for the bed
The modern furniture market offers several varieties of bedroom furniture lifting devices. Their difference is significant not only in terms of design, mechanism and price, but also in terms of the physical effort that is required from a person during operation. Furniture makers divide them into three groups depending on the principle of work:

on gas shock absorbers.
The first option, which requires tangible human physical effort, is the simplest and cheapest. Its advantages are a high level of reliability of a durable mechanism. However, it can provoke, to one degree or another, deformation of the case, especially if the furniture is made of chipboard. In addition, it is not recommended to buy beds with a manual lift for a child – there is a possibility of injury.

lifting mechanism spring

The spring lift is easy to use and very comfortable. This is quite a budget option that does not require significant effort. However, a small child will not cope with it. But a more serious drawback is an insignificant service life – about 5 years. Typically, after this period, the springs stretch and need to be replaced.

The lifting mechanism for a bed on gas lifts can be safely called an innovative, most modern device that does not require any physical effort during operation. The gas lift firmly fixes the raised base, working smoothly and without noise. Service life – more than 10 years. The relatively high price is offset by the safety and comfort of use.

gas lift mechanism for bed

What is the best lifting mechanism for a bed?
When choosing furniture for sleeping, you need to focus on a lot of points. Therefore, the question “which lifting mechanism for a bed is better?” is quite rhetorical. The following parameters should be taken into account:

end user age;
the expected life of the furniture;
reliability and safety of the mechanism;
dimensions of the bed and the entire room;
allocated budget.
It should be remembered that there are three types of bed designs with a lifting device:

vertical rise of the entire bed (wardrobe-bed);
lifting a bed in a horizontal projection;
side lift mechanism.
The latter option is preferable when the bed is placed sideways close to the wall. In these cases, either a spring mechanism or gas is used.

Children’s bed Louise with lifting mechanism

As for the choice of a specific type of lifting mechanism, in all respects, except for the price, a gas lift is preferable. It is as reliable as possible, allows you to fix the base in the desired position, does not require the use of additional physical activity. If a person’s hands are busy, he will not be able to keep a bed with a manual or spring mechanism in the desired state. With gas it’s not a problem.

Where to find a suitable bed in Kiev?
After you have decided on the optimal dimensions of the bed and the type of lifting mechanism that suits you best in terms of its performance and price characteristics, the question arises – where to buy the right model? The furniture online store Flashnika presents high-quality and comfortable upholstered beds, various in design and dimensions.

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