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Shelving for zoning: super relevant in conditions of self-isolation

The multi-tiered design with shelves has always been very popular due to its convenience and aesthetics. But now the zoning rack is actively used indoors and as a partition. This is not only a tribute to fashion and popular styles of “loft”, “techno” or “minimalism”, but also a tough necessity. Do not forget that the citizens of the country for the most part are forced to switch to remote work, which means they need to rationally and competently divide the common space.

The best way to do this is to rearrange the furniture. Shelves are especially convenient as partitions, which look very airy, do not visually clutter up the space and at the same time are a very convenient and spacious storage system for books, electronic devices, paper products or decorative items.

That is, high racks for zoning are multifunctional. They

divide the premises into autonomous zones,
serve as an interesting element of the interior,
replace a bulky closet.
room zoning

What is a partition wall for zoning a room?
A large living space can be very stylishly and conveniently divided into zones of different purposes:

food intake;
for recreation, etc.
Zoning can be done by installing various pieces of furniture perpendicular to the walls of the living room or parallel to each other. For example, by placing a closet in this way, you can separate your personal space for sleeping. If you use a written, computer or office table in the same way – it doesn’t matter if it’s angular or straight – you can organize a compact and functional workplace. In this regard, we recommend paying special attention to tables with add-ons. It is most convenient to separate the nursery with a rack – in addition to the ability to use it as a storage system, such a partition will allow you to perfectly view the entire area.

The most used rack-partition for zoning a room is a shelf without walls and doors. This is the best option both in the conditions of “temporary concentration” of family members in the house, and in later life in “normal conditions”. It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of the rack model and its installation as a partition. You will be assisted by promotional photos presented in our catalog. You can see that the models differ not only in their dimensions, but also in design – these can be both open shelves and combined models equipped with open and closed sections.

zoning the room with a partition

It is necessary to select options, having thought over not only zoning, installation location, but also the functional purpose of the rack:

whether closed sections are needed to store items that are not intended for a wide view;
open shelves designed to store decorative items should be clearly visible and not be large;
shelves on which items of constant use will be placed should be in an area of ​​​​easy accessibility.
dividing a room with shelving

Depending on the functional purpose of the zone they limit, the use of shelving as a partition can be both the most optimal and quite problematic. So, to highlight the work area, the rack is ideal, because it is an excellent storage system, which also lets in light thanks to open shelves. But just the last characteristic is hardly suitable for separating the sleep zone.

As for the nursery, the conditions for proper zoning are even more stringent.

Zoning the bedroom with shelving
The bedroom is one of the living rooms in which, when zoning, they are guided not so much by the rules as by the aesthetic preferences of the owners. It is very reasonable to carry out the zoning of the bedroom with a shelving-partition, which is visually perceived through, creates a feeling of lightness and weightlessness. That is, this model will not “load” even a small room. As a result, a recreation area and a dressing room are separated or a small office is formed. In the latter case, you need to take into account the distance to the source of natural light, and carefully consider the artificial scenario.

Models of hinged shelving, which designers are increasingly offering in their projects, look creative. In this case, the empty space above the headboard is rationally used. Hanging shelving is commonly used to store a variety of personal items.

zoning the bedroom with a shelving partition

Use of shelving for zoning in the children’s room
Zoning a children’s room with a rack is the most important task. After all, it is necessary that the child was comfortable moving around the room, he had a comfortable sleeping place, an ergonomic working place, free access to toys and a separate play area. Therefore, the shelves in the nursery are used as functional partitions that divide the room into specific compartments and serve as an excellent storage system for toys, textbooks and various devices.

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