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How to paint an old table

Surely every family has old, but favorite pieces of furniture that pass from generation to generation – then there is a need to update or restore them. In the article we will tell you how to paint the table correctly, how to take into account the material and what tools you will need.

With due diligence and creativity, you can turn an old table into a bright interior accent and find a common activity for the family.

How to paint a table correctly: process steps
It would seem that it is difficult to take a brush and paint an old table?
To ensure the uniformity of the layers, and the coating is well fixed on the surface, it is important to follow the painting technology and choose the right materials.

Let’s look at the main algorithm of work:

Disassemble the table and prepare the countertop for painting
Rinse the table and let dry. We also seal the elements that we do not plan to change with masking tape
Clean the table of old paint and varnish. To do this, you can use a grinder or an emery cloth.
Treat with putty if there are deep scratches on the surface of the table top or other elements of the table
Treat the countertop with a primer (match the tone of the new paint)
Sand the countertop with sandpaper after the primer coat has dried.
Remove dust with a dry cloth
Prepare the room for painting the table: open the windows, cover the floor with newspapers
Paint the table and remove the tape
How to paint a table depending on its material
The process of preparing and painting the table differs depending on the material of the furniture product. For countertops made of chipboard, wood or lacquered surfaces, painting technologies will be different.

Paint a varnished table: the main nuances in preparation
Care must be taken to remove the old layer of varnish and paint, evenly sand the surface of the table with sandpaper, while removing all the irregularities of the old coating.

At the third stage, the table should be degreased with an antiseptic. After drying, defects can be removed with wood putty.

How to paint a chipboard table with your own hands?
The process of preparing chipboard for painting is almost the same as for a varnished table.

To begin with, we remove elements that cannot be painted: glass surfaces, fittings, drawers. Also, to paint an old chipboard product, you need to remove the old coating and sand the table surface.

We wash off the remnants with warm water, wait for complete drying and degrease the countertop (you can use acetone or an alcohol-containing solvent).

We cover the damage on the countertop with putty, after which we grind and wipe. After all these stages, we go through a primer to ensure better adhesion of the paint (it is better to use an acrylic primer for chipboard).
After that, you can proceed to the painting itself.

How to paint a wooden table: basic subtleties
Natural wood is a durable material, but under the influence of negative environmental factors (sun, moisture, insects), damage appears over the years. Treatment with solutions and painting is done in order to protect wooden furniture from pests, fungus and moisture.

wood table painting

To paint a wooden table, consider the 2 main stages of preparation:

Cleaning and application of protective agent. To avoid roughness and unevenness of the new coat of paint, it is important to thoroughly clean the countertop from the previous coating and dust.
Primer. Processing of this kind performs several basic functions at once, the main one among others is the adhesion of a new layer of paint to a wooden coating.
When preparing wooden furniture for painting, make sure that there are no chips, tar stains, protruding nails or knots on its surface. These defects are removed mechanically, you can use a wood chisel or, in the case of nails, hammer in a few millimeters.

After eliminating the defects of the table, you need to polish the furniture product. Fill the cracks with wood putty (preferably water-based), after which we rub the dried putty with sandpaper.

When processing wood, it is important to preserve the texture of the material, so do not apply many layers of paint.

After cleaning the countertop and correcting the defects, you can proceed to the primer.

Depending on the purpose of the table, it can be treated with insecticidal or water-repellent impregnations.

How to paint an old table: materials and tools
What tools to use to paint an old table?

Painting tools (brush, roller or spray gun)
Paint, primer, varnish or wax
Antiseptic for wood surfaces
Solvents for old paintwork (acetone, white spirit)
Sandpaper with various abrasives
Cotton rag, old newspapers
When painting, it is important not to forget about safety precautions, so it is better to immediately arm yourself with means to protect your hands and face.
Observe the following rules:

Use protective gloves as the paint may be corrosive to the skin.
Use a protective mask during the grinding process.

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