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Fashion trends in design

Today, apartments “with character” are becoming more and more popular, conveying the individuality of the owners, and the comfort and functionality of the furniture furnishings come to the fore.

Interior design trends in 2020 do not bring any global changes, yet professional decorators advise emphasizing the environmental friendliness of materials and the correct placement of accents.

In this guide, we will tell you which fashion trends in interior design in 2020 are the most relevant and what you should pay attention to.

“Warm” interior design
warm interior design photo
Comfortable furniture with Scandinavian sophistication, soft pastel colors and at the same time the functionality of interior design create coziness and effectively zone the space. Although the Scandinavian style is still in fashion, in 2020 its cold color scheme is getting warmer.
Popular neutral tones are diluted with bright accents, which gives individuality to interior design. Designers advise using textured materials such as wood, brick, clay interior items, but it is important to exercise restraint.
Japandi design
japandi interior style photo
The Japandi style was the result of a mixture of two – laconic Scandinavian design and elegant Japanese. He organically combined the desire for simplicity and functionality from the first, as well as the use of neutral tones and closeness to nature – from the second. Silk textures, sophisticated floral prints and functional furniture are the secret to stylish interior design.
knitted plaid in the interior photo
Volumetric textiles, the use of coarse knitting and decorative interior details will add coziness to your home and help create a space conducive to relaxation and sincere conversations over a cup of aromatic coffee.
abstraction in the interior photo
The use of abstract painting and prints in design is also popular today, such accents will help to personalize and emotionally charge the interior. In 2020, the priority will be geometric abstraction and the use of blurry images. However, “abstraction” must be harmoniously entered into the design. Use similar shades (on pillows, in lighting items).
Vintage design
vintage interior photo
Over the past seasons, interior designs spiced up with metal elements have been popular. Today, the trend has changed, warm shades of metal and a combination of classic furniture with modern elements come to the fore.
To add a “noble sheen” use parts made of yellow metal – this can be accessories, utensils or lighting. The main aspect of design is moderation.
Trendy colors in the interior 2020
This season, calm pastel shades are in fashion, which give airiness and volume to the design, charge with energy and optimism of the owners of the house.

Designers highlight such key shades:

Neomint. Mint tone has long been popular along with blue and turquoise shades, it gives freshness and airiness to interior design, emphasizing the popular eco-style.
Refreshing blue. A cool and modern shade that harmoniously highlights bright design accents
Coral. Gently and unobtrusively combined with pastel colors, also being a natural shade
Spicy honey. Color with a caramel tint, which, depending on the lighting, plays with new colors; Looks great with white trim
Bottle green. It is distinguished by its depth, it can create a calm atmosphere in the house, close to natural tones; goes well with chocolate and neutral pastel tones
Light brown. Visually increases the space of the room, also great for creating an eco-style
In 2020, natural shades of muted green-blue colors (the colors of nature) are coming into fashion more and more densely. Also, warm, neutral tones will harmoniously fit into the fashionable interior design: beige, gray-blue, soft shades of pink.

trendy colors in the interior 2020

The basis of functionality and comfort: fashionable furniture 2020
If the apartment is limited to a small area, where every free meter counts, you need to take care of the functionality of the furniture and the correct zoning of the space.

fashionable interior 2020 photo

It is important to correctly divide the space according to the functional zones. For example, office furniture and a seating area in the recreation area, located in the same room, are usually separated by a rack.

This will help:

Partitions and screens
Cabinet furniture (racks, chests of drawers, cabinets, sofas)
Lighting (wall, etc.)
Finishing materials (for example, floor)
Different levels of the floor and ceiling (they will help to visually separate the areas of the room)
To ensure the functionality of furniture, you need to take care of additional niches and add-ons in it, which significantly save space. A good option for a laconic fashionable interior will also be transformers, built-in or corner furniture models that will allow you to store things in a systematic way, keeping things in order.

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