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Compact hallway arrangement

The hallway is perhaps the most controversial place in a residential apartment. Why? There are several reasons.

It is called the “calling card” of the apartment, but when designing the interior of the hallway, they pay a minimum of attention.
As a “visiting card” it should carry an aesthetic load, but its size and functionality put significant restrictions on the choice of decor.
It is multifunctional, but the hallway area is usually more than modest.
How to combine decorativeness and functionality of a small room

How to make the most of the space? Room layout

Step 1. Regardless of whether the hallway is large or small, its space should be used to the maximum. In the case of a miniature entrance hall, you need to consider the placement of furniture and other storage devices so that it is spacious enough while functionally the hallway will be used to the maximum. It is necessary to pay attention not only to the floor area, but also to the walls – perhaps wall cabinets will be the ideal solution for the task of storing things. There are no such problems in a large-scale hallway – here you can put a built-in wardrobe or allocate an area for a dressing room. But you need to carefully consider the rest of the interior details so that the room becomes not only functional, but also aesthetically attractive and organic in style.

Step 2. Careful consideration of the hallway storage system. First of all, you need to carefully consider which of the things will be stored in the hallway, and which in another place. In order for this room to be in order and there was no clutter in the hallway, like nowhere else in the apartment, you must strictly adhere to the established rule for placing things. If the size and layout of the room allows, it is most reasonable to make a built-in closet, which will become a place to store clothes and many household items. Do not discount organizers and boxes that will create additional storage options. If the area allows, it is worth making an open hanger with a shoe shelf and a top shelf for storing accessories. This will make it possible to store in convenient accessibility things that are now in use. It is necessary to provide places for storing bags and backpacks – this can be a small table or special hooks on a hanger.

Step 3. Use wall storage systems. In limited space, a wall-mounted storage system is the optimal solution. Most often, closed and open shelves are used in the hallway, less often – wall cabinets. A special kind is a key holder – this cute accessory will also act as a decor and will allow you to store the keys in a clearly designated place. A closed shelf is desirable for storing glasses, gloves, children’s outdoor toys, etc. An interesting solution for organizing space in a very small hallway are shelves with hooks – they are both a place of storage and a hanger. If this option does not suit you for any of the reasons, you can simply confine yourself to hooks as a fairly convenient option for storing many items.

Step 4. Choosing a place to store shoes. In the rainy season or during the period of snow melting, a shoe stand is very desirable – it will protect the floor from dirt. But at other times it makes no sense to use it, so most often a shoe shelf is used for everyday street shoes. It is convenient if it is combined with a bench on which you can sit down to put on shoes. Seasonal shoes are stored in organizers or boxes in wardrobes or dressing rooms. If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hallway allows, you can purchase a shoe cabinet – an extremely convenient and compact accessory.

Step 5 Using Mirrors The mirror is an essential part of the interior of the hallway. But besides its direct functionality, it also carries an additional load – it visually expands the space and fills it with additional light. There are a lot of options for using mirrors in the hallway. These can be floor mirrors:

Wall mirrors have a wide variety of sizes and designs, the facades of cabinets are often decorated with a sandblasted pattern, which gives the hallway an additional zest. The floor ones also have additional functionality – often they act as an additional storage place or a spare shelf for shoes.

Which option to use depends on the size of the room and the overall style of the interior.
Step 6. Stylistic unity. In a small room, eclecticism (a mix of different styles) is unacceptable. If in a large-scale space a mixture of different styles, in the presence of some unifying principle, can look quite harmonious, then in a cramped hallway, this will be perceived as a heap of incoherent details. Moreover, if any of the rooms is visible from the hallway, its style should be a continuation of the interior of the room.

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