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Arrangement of a small hallway

Despite the fact that people spend a minimum of their time in the hallway, this part of the house requires care and arrangement, it must be in perfect condition. The hallway can rightly be called the “calling card” of the hostess, so saving on design is not an option.

According to statistics, in most city apartments the entrance hall is very small, which greatly complicates the process of arrangement. But a competent and thoughtful approach will make even a tiny hallway functional.
It is worth thinking carefully about the layout of the room, its decor, taking care of the right lighting and choosing the most suitable furniture.

When planning this part of the house, the following factors should be considered:

hallwaysForm of the room;
Connectivity with other rooms of the apartment

If you want to increase the space in the hallway, then the solution would be to connect it with another room. But for many apartments, this option is not the most practical.

The best option for increasing a small hallway would be the rational use of space, add functionality. For example, use mezzanines that are high under the ceiling, you can put seasonal things and shoes on them.

You can also try to work with visual magnification: use a transverse strip on the floor and ceiling.
In old houses, where there is little space and very high ceilings, the ceiling should be painted in a dark color.

Hallway decoration

Since the entrance hall is a small room, its decor needs to be carefully thought out. Incorrectly selected finishing materials will spoil the look, make it even smaller and create the atmosphere of a “little box”.

Embossed plaster or artificial stone – it is strongly not recommended to use it in a small hallway. The best alternative would be textured wallpaper.
A large role in the hallway is played by the color scheme, which can increase the space, but if you choose the wrong color, the room will become visually smaller.

How to visually enlarge the space:

The ceiling should be white. Glossy plastic panels are perfect;
The walls are best painted in light colors or pasted over with light wallpaper. Yellow, light green, white and blue are the most suitable colors for the hallway;
Preference should be given to plain wallpaper;
According to some experts, the thresholds between the hallway and the rooms visually reduce the space, so they can be removed.

For flooring, tiles are the best choice. Firstly, this material does not need special care, and secondly, it is easy to clean and is not afraid of moisture and dirt.

Lighting in the hallway is an important detail

Since there are no windows in the hallway, there are no sources of natural light, respectively. Therefore, you need to take care of sufficient provision of artificial light. The best option would be spotlights on the ceiling and wall sconces. You can also equip with light and furniture elements. To further enhance the effect of light, you can place lamps above the mirror.

With the help of light, you can also visually expand the space:

Prefer only white tones;
For furniture and decoration, use glossy materials that reflect light, as well as glass surfaces and mirrors.

Hallway furniture

To maximize the rational use of the space of this part of the house, you should choose furniture that can be built into niches. It should be chosen even before you start the repair. But not everywhere this option will be possible. hallways, therefore, it is worth considering a few more solutions.

Small sliding wardrobe

This furniture has a large capacity, and its side parts can be used to install additional hooks and hangers. Cabinet doors are best to choose mirrored and glossy.

Tall cabinet

Such furniture is perfect for storing shoes. A big plus will be spacious shelves on the cabinet.

Additional shelves and hooks

They are great for storing accessories: hats, bags or umbrellas.

Summing up, there are a few general tips that will allow you to equip your small hallway:

Choice of light colors. It is also worth paying attention to glossy surfaces, mirrors and glass surfaces;
Sufficient amount of light. Reflective materials will also come to the rescue in this matter;
When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to its shape and size: it should be narrow and, preferably, without protruding fittings.

The tips listed in this article will help you make a small hallway more comfortable, functional and stylish. Proper use of light will help visually expand the space and make the interior stylish and modern.

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