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Styles in office interior design

We have already written a lot about the styles of the kitchen interior, studied their versatility, diversity and dependence on geographical location. Now it’s the turn of office space, where we will talk about styles in their design and arrangement features.

It is customary to design a modern office according to two methods – closed, where the entire office space is divided into separate rooms, halls and corridors, or according to the Open Space method, where walls and offices are completely absent, and the space is divided into zones using office furniture and partitions.

The corridor-cabinet system can be found in most government agencies and company offices that are located in older buildings. Such a system is accepted by organizations with a clear linear-functional organizational structure.

Open Space can be found in more modern offices, which are based on the principle of democracy. This design is most suitable for modern forms of management. Also, this system of organizing office space allows you to save on walls and doors, and also simplifies communication between employees.

But there is a third type, which acts as a kind of compromise between the two above – mixed. It is also very popular, as it combines the classic and modern concept of office space.

In addition to the above concepts in the arrangement of the office, there are two more approaches – American and European.

The European approach is characterized by Open Space, but with some differences, primarily in a smoother mixing of styles in shaping the design of the office space. In such offices, you can observe hi-tech using a classic Persian carpet and other completely opposite options, and despite this, they harmoniously fit into the interior.

The European style is also usually divided into so-called subgroups depending on the countries: Scandinavian, English, German, etc.

Spacious open space, dynamism that almost turns into aggressiveness – all these are features of the American approach to the formation of office space. Unlike Europeans, Americans prefer strict adherence to the canons of the chosen style, not allowing mixing.

Manhattan style

You have probably seen strict, business-like offices without a hint of familiarity in American films, which overwhelmed with their uncompromising and “efficiency”. It is this image that fully reveals the American style in office design. Some like this style, while others, on the contrary, perceive it negatively.

office furniture Manhattan style or Wall Street style appeared in the period after the Great Depression, during the economic boom in the 1930s. The style takes its name from the largest, world-famous business districts of New York. This style has become the embodiment of a real American cult of paid work.

The American office is characterized by Open Space, where there are only outer walls and columns, no divisions into offices or departments. The main number of employees are accommodated in large halls, and their workplaces are fenced off with furniture partitions. Separate premises can only be recreation areas, meeting rooms and offices of top managers. It is typical for Americans to use every meter of space to the maximum.

There is no place for lyrics in the form of vases, flower pots and other trinkets. Indeed, in such offices there is only one rule – only what is necessary for work. Here you can find only those items that set you up for an efficient and productive working mood.

For a workplace, the main requirement is comfort.

The Manhattan style uses metal to create a cool, decision-making atmosphere. There are also many glass elements to visually enlarge the space, which serves as a kind of unifying link for staff, developing a sense of one team with common goals and aspirations.

The opinion that the Manhattan style is extremely strict, cold and peremptory is wrong. First of all, this style is representativeness and stability.

In the design of such an office, only expensive finishing materials and high-quality furniture are used. The design itself is designed in a modern style, where all items are functional. Among the decor items, high-tech lamps, paintings, posters, modern watches and phones will look great.

The well-known and popular studio apartments appeared precisely under the influence of the Manhattan style. Americans are very fond of their work, so they moved the “office” even to their apartments. A minimum of furnishings and a maximum of free space – an ideal home for an American.

Liberal Europe offices

The European office differs in many ways from the pragmatic American office, it is not so strict and pragmatic.

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