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Guide to kitchen interior styles: from modern to country

There are many different styles in modern kitchen interior design, and in order to figure out which one will be most suitable, you need to study the main features of each style.

Preference should be given based on the size of the room, its layout and features. Having studied all the above nuances, you can proceed to the choice of style in which your kitchen will be decorated.

Kitchen Modern

Art Nouveau style kitchens KievThis style became widespread at the beginning of the 20th century, when there was a sharp technical progress, which gave rise to mass production. The Art Nouveau style has become popular and in demand in most areas of human activity, and furniture production is no exception. Art Nouveau kitchens have become especially popular. The interior, decorated in this style, remains popular and in demand today.

Modern style kitchen has features and differences:

A bold combination of colors and shades;
Smooth curves are in harmony with geometric shapes;
Shiny, smooth surfaces predominate;
Functionality should come first;
A minimum of accessories and decor items;
A large number of the most modern household appliances and kitchen gadgets;
The modern kitchen is characterized by minimal use of textiles.

This style is best suited for small kitchens, because the abundance of glossy and smooth surfaces will visually expand the space.

Kitchen classic

classic corner kitchens A classic style kitchen is an example of a refined, stylish and practical interior that will never go out of style.
This interior has its own characteristics:

For such a kitchen, a room with a high ceiling of a large or medium size would be most suitable; in a small room, furniture that has features of a classic style loses its charm;
Large and massive kitchen table and matching chairs;
The color scheme should be dominated by natural wood shades;
The kitchen set must be made of wood, or synthetic materials imitating it, such as chipboard and MDF. Classic kitchens can be equipped with cabinets with glass doors

The kitchen in this style is characterized by sophistication, restraint and respectability. Among the decor elements, you should choose bronze elements, stucco and gilding.

The classic kitchen is one of the most expensive, as it accepts the use of natural materials, expensive fittings and decorative elements.

Hi-Tech Kitchens

high-tech kitchens kyivHigh technologies more and more penetrate into the life of a modern person, they also penetrated into the kitchen, thereby forming a new style in the design of the kitchen interior, which was called Hi-Tech.

High-tech kitchens have the following features:

The abundance of the most modern kitchen appliances and gadgets;
The predominance of clear geometric lines;
Monochrome color design, without excess details and decor;
Colors: metallic shades, white, grey, black and silver;
Lots of light. Several points of illumination. As a rule, these are spotlights or a backlight built into the headset;
The Hi-Tech kitchen should be supplemented with glass, metal and plastic elements;
The remaining amount of free space, the kitchen should not be cluttered with “extra” furniture;
Open windows (no curtains)

A Hi-Tech kitchen will allow you to rationally and economically use the space, because they fit perfectly into both large and small rooms.
Provence style kitchen

Provence kitchens Kiev Provence style, or the style of the French province, is a trend in the modern production of kitchen furniture. It especially appealed to lovers of lightness, simplicity and comfort.

Provence style kitchens are:

Pastel colors and shades;
The interior of the kitchen has a large number of various decorative elements: painted dishes, jars and other trinkets;
Always light, most often white furniture;
A large amount of natural lighting, the curtains on the windows are either absent at all, or very thin and do not prevent the penetration of light;
The walls are finished with natural stone or brick;
Light, airy interior

Provence-style kitchens look great in a small room, because thanks to the large amount of light and light colors of the furniture, it seems much more spacious.

Country Style Kitchens

country-style kitchen Country style, due to its lightness and simplicity, is called nothing more than “rustic”. It allows you to create a cozy, warm homely atmosphere. At its core lies the simplicity that is inherent in village houses, where kitchens do not abound with unusual shapes and an abundance of the most modern appliances and gadgets. But this does not mean that a country-style kitchen is only suitable for a country house, it is quite appropriate and looks great in an ordinary city apartment.

Country cuisine and its features:

The furniture is made of natural wood;
Lack of doors on wall cabinets and shelves.

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